Whose starting?

I am wondering who is gonna start?

I think it has got to be Dave as Casey had his opportunity and wasn't sucessful. In order to get ready for the playoffs, Wally has got to gjve Dave some playing time afterall he hasn't played in over 3 weeks. Besides Dave, NOT Casey led the team to thier 11-0 start.

Playing time would be important for DD, but OTOH, we want to make sure DD is healthy for the Grey Cup. What I would like to see, is DD start, and CP finish, if DD isn't getting the job done.

DD healthy for the Grey Cup? Don’t get ahead of yourselves, you guys will be doing good to beat Burris again in the semi final in OT off a shanked field goal. That Sandro guy they got in Calgary now is pretty good, so I don’t like your chances…

we will all find out when they announce the Starting lineups tonight just before gametime

Talk about getting ahead of yourself...I do not believe that we will be playing in the semi-final, I am quite confident that we will, in fact, beat the Green tonight, and be playing Edm in the final...at BC Place.