Whose going to the game.

I was wondering whose going to the game! Show you Lion Spirt go lions :smiley: :smiley:

I'll be there - I'm in Lions withdrawl - its been, what, a month since the last home game?

I go to every Home Game... Season tickets Rock!!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: We are soooo needing a game at home... It has been since August 17th the last Home game... Go Lions Go!!! We rule teh football world!!!

I'll be there. I'm lucky I got to see the Lions in Regina and Ottawa but am still pumped about Sat game. Should be a good one.

Well with us being 10 and 0 who would WANT to miss them? I even know people who ahve never been to a game before that are going!!!

See you all there. It's been way to long between home games. Here's to 11-0 :wink:

You got that right

It's amazing when they finally opened the upper bowl for the first time in years eh!!!!! I'll be there wearing my Clermont Jersey cheering on my team with the pride of anyone who LOVES the game!!!! :smiley: :wink:

And i'll be cheerilng my head off with my retro jersey my dad bought in the 70's so it's so old. Go Lions

Got my tickets, and here we go...it's gonna be a great fall...the final stretch until grey cup!!! let's go lions!!!

i'll be there as well... L:4 S:44 R: D

i went to the Lions Football 101 for Ladies only on Sep14th. it was awesome! got all those penalty questions answered. Javier, Jason & Lui were great. even Wally was there for a pep talk. can't wait for tomorrow's game, 2nd part of the class. us Ladies get to go out on the field to watch the pregame warmup, and ask Lui more questions. fun times!! am so very PROUD of our guys, and surely hope for a WIN! see you all there!
oh, i agree with you cryslynne! SEASON TICKETS ROCK! :smiley:

I'll be there too , probably upper level.