Who's your pick for.....

Hey just wonder who you guys think is the players of the year in the CFL so far. I’m a diehard rider fan but i’ll try to be objective in my pics.

QB - Dickenson, The numbers he’s putting up with the less than adequet O line in front of him makes the stats even more impressive. Honorable mention to Ricky Ray (to many INT’s)

WR - Ben Cahoon, Consistantly the most reliable pass catcher in the CFL and now all time leader in yardage for the AL’s, Honorable mention to the entire recieving corp of the Lions (but even i could catch a dickenson pass)

RB - Charles Roberts, Even though his first 3 games didn’t add up to a hundred yards he still leads the league in rushing. Him and stegall make up a deadly duo to bad there in winnipeg. Honorbale mention to Jophrey Reynolds (Gets forgotten about when Burris is throughin it 20 yards to Lewis or Copeland)

O-Line - Jeremy Oday, Sorry guys but this one i gotta be biased about. He plays on an o-line with three previous lineman of the year and is forgotten about by everyone else. He’s the anchor of an 0-line that has allowed the least amount of sacks in the CFL. Could you image Dickenson behind this line, wow. Honorable mention to the rest of the riders o-line.

D-line - Brent Johnson, the rookie for BC up till they played the Riders was leading the league in sacks. Most players take a few years to fully develop into front line players and this kid did it right outta the gate. Plus he’s Canadian. Honorable mention to Joe Montford and Adriano Belli.

Linebacker - This was by far the hardest of all of them to pick because every team has atleast one All-star calabre Linebacker. I could play it safe and pick John Grace or Barrin Simpson but I think I’ll take a risk and say AJ Gass. He may be a cheap shot artist but most of the time if your in his way he’s gonna hurt ya.

DB - Korey Banks - Has caught more passes than many of the Renegades recievers. Why QB’s even throw the ball his way anymore i don’t know him and Ranek are the only bright spots for the fallin Renegades. Honorbable mention to Scott Gordon who can flatten just about anyone brave enought to come over the middle.

Kicker - Sandro Deangilis - Spelled his name wrong but don’t care cuz like my punter he’ll be in the NFL soon enough

Punter - John Ryan - Forget what game it was but punted out of his endzon and pinned the other team down on the own 20. Soon to be a very rich canadian in the CFL

.........sounds pretty fair to me......these guys will all definately be contenders....

For what it's worth, here's how I see it:

QB...have to agree with Dickenson; his numbers behind the worst O line in the league are nothing short of impressive. But I'd have Calvillo as runnerup over Ray. Despite all the changes to his receiving corps, he's still on pace for a 6,000 yard season with four 1,000 yard receivers. That kind of consistency places him well ahead of Ray.

RB....Sir Charles has been very good, but I think I'd lean to Reynolds. The guy is a stud and is going to be a star in this league for a long, long time.

WR....Cahoon, agreed.

O Line; I'll agree again. Riders have the best line in the league, but when O'Day is out with injury, they really suffer, which shows his worth.

D Line; but for one bad game in Hamilton, Montford has been the most dominant D lineman this year.

Linebacker....there are so many good ones in the league...take Simpson, Gass, Coe, Clark, White, Grace, Hunt, Butler, Eiben, Fletcher,and Hitchcok and toss a coin

DB.....Korey Banks or Karikari

Kicker and punter you are bang on, has to be DeAngelis and Ryan (honourable mention to Prefontaine).

You missed returner...>I'd say Holmes for consistency (but watch out for this new Hill guy in Hamilton).

How about coach of the year? In the east, rule out Paopao and Marshall right away...I figure whoever gets first place will get it. As for the west, rule out Daley and Maciocia; Ned can't win in Calgary since he still can't figure out what a 2 point convert is, so it'll come down to Buono or Barrett. If Lions rebound from these 2 losses to win first place comfortably he'll take it, but if they don't and the RIders make it close or even take first place, Barrett wins.

and who is winnipegs allstar lb????

Sorry, but I don't see Wickman, McGriggs,et al being in the same class as those mentioned. Just my opinion mind you......

QB- Dickenson -runner up Ricky Ray
WR- Ben Cahoon, or Jason Tucker
RB- Roberts -runner up Reynolds
Oline- Oday
Dline- Joe Montford
Linebacker- A.J. Gass
DB- i agree wit madjack.. either Karikari or Banks
kicker- sean fleming for sure... nah im just kiddin... i'd say duval or deangelis
punter- Ryan for sure- that guys amazing
returner- Thompkins or Holmes

As you can see im a bit Eskmio biased...

You sure are eskimo biased.....based on numbers, how can you possibly rate Ray higher than Calvillo?

Ray has more completions, a higher completion percentage, nearly 400 more yards passing, and 4 more td passes. The only category that stands out in Calvillos favour is Interceptions. Ray has thrown seven more than Calvillo but it can be argued that this is because of his high number of passing attempts- 60 more than Calvillo. So the 7 INT difference doesn't looka s bad when you look at it in that way. Percentage wise Calvillo throws INTS 2.5% while ray is at 3.4%... nothing that significant, as it is rays only downfall... yet hes still int he middle of the pack for qbsfor INT %. As well, Ray is pretty decent at getting out of trouble and scrambling, and as of now has more than double rushing yards than Calvillo. This is another statistic that should be considered. Don't get me wrong though, i think Calvillo is a great qb and has a good attitude. so for top 3 qbs id say 1. dickenson, 2. ray, 3. calvillo.

Hats off to you esks........you provided a well reasoned response, I congratulate you. Much better than a lot of the mindless nonsense one reads here from time to time. But I'd still take Calvillo over Ray any day...intangibles come into play, and I like Calvillo's quiet confidence, playcalling, and leadership better than Ray....but it may be more a preference related to style than ability or talent.

Mad Jack commented on candidates for coach of the year. Winner is usually from outstanding division leader or most improved team. Although Calgary is the most improved team, that is not as impressive as BC accomplishments. Buono is obvious winner for the only 11-2 team this season. High probability of BC clinching first place soon. Less distinctive coaches of other teams are too close in points. In the west, 2nd place is still up for grabs between 3 runner-ups. In the east, Toronto and Monteal are in a tight race.

madjack i was not suggesting you claim wpg has an allstar lb because we do not. i was commenting on greener's claim that every team has at least one alstar lb. even as a bomber fan i would say this is something we lack.

And just WHY would it have to be either one of them?


  • Damon Duval : 31
  • Sandro DeAngelis : 31


  • Damon Duval: 79,5 %
  • Sandro DeAngelis: 75,6 %


  • Damon Duval: 146
  • Sandro DeAngelis: 132

... Quite close. Slight advantage to Duval there. But where he gets my nod is when you compare duties: DeAngelis only placekicks. John Ryan only punts. Duval does both, and he does both well. He currently averages 44 yards per punt, and that average includes all the punts he missed in the first two games when he wasn't used to the CFL ball.

I would agree with all the original picks but I would take Reynolds over Roberts. The only reason Roberts has more yards is because he also has more carries. He's on a team that cannot get it done in the air, so he consistently gets 20+ carries per game.. When Burris is in, Reynolds often only gets between 9 and 12 carries. (I don't know WHY this is.. but it is) He has the highest average in the league, and despite having all the focus from the opposing D on him the last few games has still maintained his performance.. in fact in the Montreal game he had 130 yards after only a quarter and a half and had he not been hurt probably would have established a new Stamps record for running yards in a game.

For Linebacker I'd stick with Grace.. gotta have some team pride you know?

I can see some logic behind the Duvall argument, but Sandro's misses have all been from extreme range. I don't have the stats for it, but I'll bet Sandro is still more accurate inside 45 yards.. Higgins has had him kicking over 55 several times recently, because with Burris out we can't seem to generate TDs. Also, I don't take any stock in the dual role card. To be the best placekicker you have to be the best placekicker.. not the second best placekicker and the second best punter.

Lastly.. for DB.. Korey Banks is a no brainer as far as I'm concerned. He's a premier ballhawk even against the most accurate passers in the league. I wouldn't consider anybody else...

but that's just me. :slight_smile:

Actually Reynolds doesn't have the highest running average in the league. With runners with 100+ carries, he is behind Edwards, Keith, Holmes, and Joseph. Also when a runner only gets 9-12 carries a game defences tend to focus on the pass more opening up the run. He did really impress me against Montreal though.

Just to through my two cents into the whole ricky ray vs anthony calvillo arguement. I think that I'd still have to go with Ray not because of the numbers but because of the way the defence plays against the Esk's. Everyone in there right mind knows that Ray is gonna through the ball more so theres alot more prevent and 3 down lineman defence played against him. Where as the Al's actually have a running threat in Edward's (who should get come back player of the year in any form of football including NFL). So the fact Ray is putting up numbers like he is while defences know he's gonna through it puts him slightly over Calvillo this year.

My apologies about Reynold's average rush stats.. I didn't actually bother to check, I just assumed he hadn't been dethroned.. I guess that poor performance against Hamilton hurt him more than I thought. Nonetheless.. against Roberts he still has the higher average.. over half a yard higher.

I guess we agree to disagree MadJack. thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile: