who's your favourite Tiger-Cat?

when i started playing ball about 7 years ago, my first position was defensive end. Being a Tiger-Cat fan, naturally my favourite player was Joe Montford. I modeled myself after Joe, and wasn't such a bad DE myself. since then i have bounced around from DE to outside linebacker, but Joe was my role model when i first started. who's your favourite Tiger-Cat and why?

Zambiasi and Henley are 1 and 1A for me -- Ben more so because that era was during my teens. Both men exhibited the traits of great Hamilton football -- tenacity, intensity, and effort.

Oski Wee Wee,

Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name).

?2 Favs
Zambiasi - Completely intense. Never any soft tackles that I remember.. always hit hard.
Schenley award winner and eastern all-star 8 times.
Dipietro - Softest hands for a big guy....rarely if ever fumbled. Always found the open spot and
then ran a few guys over. All-time CFL receptions leader for a number of years.


ROB HITCHCOCK, hands down!! Some of the most monsterous hits I've ever seen
I also liked Archie Amerson a lot, too. Class guy all the way.

craig yeast and jykine bradley

jykine bradley

My favorite is Candace!!!!!! Welcome to the team Candace!!!

In order:

Covington (why hasn't his name been mentioned yet?)





The greatest defensive ends in CFL history. the Sack Masters, Grover Covington and Joe Montford.

On defense, I liked shields and fields.

and ya gotta like the name Rockford.

When I was a kid, I was a 100% Argo fan and hated the Cats. The guy I hated most was Henley because he was so damn good. I'd still have to put him my all-time top 10 CFLers. In more recent years, I've become a cats fan as well and my favorite player would be Darren Flutie. A consummate pro who made the most of what he had, very reliable.

An Argo-Cat fan

from when i started following the cats, probably montford or flutie.

I have one for Every Decade

Now Marwan Hage ..
1990's Danny Mac
1980's Rocky DiPietro
1960's-70's Angelo Mosca

Grover Covington to me is my all time favourite Ticat.

Honourable mention to
Tony Champion
Tyrone Corbin
Ken Hobart…

Currently its Chris Bauman and Ray Mariusz

and Mike O’shea (I played high school football with him…geez…lol)is my favourite ex-Ticat currently on another CFL roster

these are some great names

Currently: McKay-Loescher.
All Time: Zambiasi.

Garney Henley. He was the finest defensive back to ever play in the CFL in my opinion, and was an All-Star in that role for many years. When he came into games as a receiver, he put fear into the hearts of the opposition; occasionally used as a decoy, we often threw to him anyway, and successfully. Jerry Williams remembered that, and converted him to a full-time receiver where he had more great years. He was also a fantastic return man, who got yards in an era where there was no blocking on punt returns, simply because the other team was afraid of what he might do and so gave him a wide berth.

And as the book says, he was a gentleman as well as a Tiger.

Barrow, Coffey, Zambiasi, Di Pietro, Covington and McManus would round out my list. There are many more of course. It's great to be a fan of a team with so much history.

favourtite player in the past was Earl Winfield..hands down. For the future, starting last year i like Zeke Moreno. Hes my favourite player and he will be my favourtite for a long time im thinking.