Who's Your Favorite!

well there’s a line on who can’t you stand, let see who is your favorite player.
Retired or still playing.
mine is the Giz :smiley: :smiley:

KEVIN EIBAN , PINBALL C. , JIM YOUNG , DR. DEATH…PAUL MISOTTI , MIKE O’SHEA…ALL Canadians [even, Pinball will be soon] BEN CAHOON, DAVE RIDGEWAY, DAVE S. [CALGARY , North Tornto High School , my old school].

rick house

Anwar Stewart, Duane Butler, Davis Sanchez, Terrel Jurineack, Malcolm Frank, John Grace…

Yes. I’m all defense!

But when it comes to special team holders, no one beat Dennis Gile.

I liked the Gizmo… He was fun.

Honourable Mentions…Dirty Thirty Jim Young
Doug Fluite, A young, pre NFL Warren Moon,

Current favourite play is probably Scott Coe, he plays all out evr play. I also really liked Duane Forde

Terry Vaughn

From my team (keeping in mind that I missed the days of Faloney, Henley, Mosca, etc.):

On skill alone, I pick Earl Winfield.
On being a clutch player who’ll come through for you when the game is on the line, Paul Osbaldiston.
On community involvement, just check the team’s all-time roster. They’re all great at it (as I believe nearly every CFL player is right across the league.)
On making a big play right at the right moment, Grover Covington, Rocky DiPietro, and Danny Mac (especially to Darren Flutie).

I tried to list players from other teams, but I can’t…except that Giz was the most entertaining. One flip in the end zone is worth a thousand of today’s chorus lines.

Jason Tucker (playing)
Tracy Ham (retired)


Hey, don’t keep yourself from cheering for the Als this season… :wink:

i wont e cheering for the Als this season, i’ll be cherring for TV.

Im a Alouettes Fan cauz im from Montreal so Ben Cahoon , Kevin Johnson , Marc Megna are my favourites and in the others teams I’ve got the ex-Als Baron Miles , Geroy Simon and Wayne Mcgarity !

Go ALs Go

Past: “Ole Spaghetti Legs” and “Howdy Doody”. If you are a true Edmonton fan with a few years on your bones you will know who I mean. Also Herm"Hands" Harrison, Calgary.

Present: Kenton Kieth, Reggie Hunt, Saskatchewan.

Long time Rider fan. My picks from the past might not seem to reflect my present team of choise. Lets just say I am an even longer term cfl fan who has lived in every province from Ontario west.

Go Riders!

as an ol’ BOMBER die hard…my favowites are…LEO LEWIS…KENNY PLOEN… HERB GRAY from the old days…TOM CLEMENTS…JOE POPLAWSKI …KEN NIELSEN… PHIL MINNICK…from awhile ago…CHARLES ROBERTS…MILT STEGALL…TOM CANADA as of recent days. :arrow:

Those Bomber selections are really top notch for all three of those eras papazoola!

I was only born in 1986 so i never got to see all the great players of the past play (and if i did im to young to remember it) but some of my favourite players would have to be good old Darren Flutie (he was always a great player to watch).
Rob Hitchcock is always a pleasure to watch because all recievers and slotbacks hate to be hit by him (and i cant blame them)
I always liked Pinball Clemans as a player (i dont like him much as a coach even if he helped the argos become grey cup champions again)
And to HelloThere i can agree with most of your players except Mike O’shea. I hate O’shea but then again im a tiger cats fan (if u cant tell from the names i put). And we almost all hate him.

Jason Clermont


My favourite players would have to be.
1Matt Dunigan
2Mike Pringle
3Kelvin Anderson
1Jason Clermont
2Eric Lapointe 2 bad he doesn’t get the chance he deserves or playing time
3Terry Vaughn
1Rob Hitchcock
2John Grace
3Singor Mobley

Interesting choices 2scoops, I’m curious about the choice of Eric Lapointe though. He really doesn’t play much, what is it about him that you like so much?