Who's worst?

Its a tough choice I know.

Another great poll. I lol'd! :lol:

i do not know , but i do know is that this bc team is the worst team since 1993 3-15, this team will be lucky to win 5 games this year.

I have to say Edmonton's still bad.They had a million and one chances to bury the Lions and JUST scraped by with a victory.Hell, they almost went into overtime, had Lulay not tried to be a hero, McCallum would've had a FG attempt to tie it.Changes need to be made, might as well it was almost another loss anyways.

The Lions and Eskimos looked like they had some sort of learning deficency out there. So many mistakes proper pro players would never make.

So the offensive part is being compared to the Lions and Esks? Point taken.

...the offensive part is that I voted for TAWP, but two people had voted for the previous option....wha? seriously, that is demented.

Anyway, watched most of the game and it was pretty bad, not a lot of rythym on either side for either team...ever watched videos on Youtube of street-fighting drunk russians? you get the picture.

...i'd say it's a toss-up......but the sausage is probably worst :roll:

At least the Leo's have an excuse.

Yep, hard to be productive with a young first-year pivot taking snaps. In both games, Lulay has shown some very good things, but has also demonstrated his lack of CFL game experience. I'm also not a fan of the way he visibly lashes his teammates after a botched play. He'll settle down and learn to lead, but at the moment, I'd say he's not quite ready for prime time.

The Lions have no excuss. The reason Lulay is in there is because we have such a bad GM and coaching staff. An offencive line thats a meat grinder for QBs, (blame both the GM and coach), an offence that hasn't been able to gain 1/2 a yard when needed for 3 years, (blame the coaches) A good defence thats on the field to long and starts to show late in the game.
Being a Lions fan I've always said "gloat when you can", but this year might make the Paul Brothers years seem like the good old days.

Can I withdraw my vote? Team American is better than both those teams :lol:

I think I’d take the drunk Russians…

Wanna trade Mo Lloyd for Otis Floyd or maybe Kelly Campbell for Chris Bauman or Ricky Ray for Quinton Porter?Please??? :wink:
Just kidding, I like Floyd.

i think if hamilton loses tonight u got 3 teams at 1-4. i would say if hamilton loses tonight and gets blown out by sask.. hamilton right now is the worst team due to 2 blowout loss's already. 3 of hamiltons 4 loss's would have been by more than 14 17 20 points even. thats not good.

its still early tho but in all reality.. edmonton i think is the worst... followed by bc.. and hamilton.. maybe belton johnson or whoever helps but.. the teams with the weakest olines at the present time are the 3 worst.