Who's up for a bit of fun?

Hey boys and girls,

The Argos are currently having a contest to try and find "The Biggest Argo Fan". Fans need to upload a 1 minute video describing why they are the biggest fan and then upload the video to facebook. The 5 videos with the highest votes move on to next round. The great thing is the first round is based on votes so if we all vote we should be able to push it through...Muhahahaha!

Details can be found here: http://www.argonauts.ca/article/the-ult ... experience

I'm thinking we create a video that's completely sarcastic. For example I can say "I love the Argos for their ongoing charity work...giving the Tiger Cats the season series really speaks to their character". I'm looking for stuff on those lines.

I can do the video but I was hoping you guys could help me write a few of the jokes.

What do you think? Are you in?

Not too creative today. You could have a clip of someone orating "Friends, Torontonians, Argos.... lend me your ears. And then have a Cat fan come by and hand the guy an ear." Naw.... that's sick. That bite the ear off episode did happen right in front of us though.

How about "few in Toronto care about the Argos but then why should anyone care about the Argos for pete sakes?" :wink:

Have a Rogers truck come by and put up a Bills poster in the background.

Awesome ideas guys!

Keep 'em coming.