Who's this #19 for Winnipeg?

Caught a bit of the Winnipeg game and saw that this linebacker, wore #19, didn't catch his name, had 9 tackles and a sack. Wonder why we don't get guys like this?

That guy has clearly lost a step! We don’t need community oriented talented guys like that here in Hamilton. :roll:

You know BG , I know he is a good person but i clearly havent seen a dropoff at MLB since he left . We dont know who the player is we will get in the draft and we also have a future starter on the Bills practice squad . Sometimes deals dont even out for a couple of years .

The Jays once traded for  a pitcher named Doyle Alexander from  Atlanta and gave up  a few prospects back . One of those prosepects was Johm Smoltz . At the time it didnt look  like a good deal for the Jays , but if you look at it now  I think Atlanta got a much better player back .So you will have to look at this deal in a few years when # 19 is long gone .

I'm still not thrilled about the trade, but hopefully we'll come out better for it in time.

However, I did see #19 beat quite a bit on short passes.

And as someone else said, there hasn't been any noticeable change in our linebacking performance.

If O'B retools our Oline like Calgary did in last year's draft then we'll all be singing his praises again.

Was the coverage man to man or zone?

I ask this because most viewers of football rant and rave that a guy is open and why the coverage is so bad. A lot of times the problem is that a defense is playing zone and the receivers find the soft spots.

Unfortunately I missed most of the game and didn't tape it. I will watch Winnipeg closely next week to see what defensive scheme they utilize.


With all due respect, it was DETROIT that traded Smoltz to Altanta for Alexander.

Your story just reinforces my belief that TIGERS make lousy trades. Smoltz & Moreno are just two examples.

Except when the ticats made the trade they said they were in a playoff race. Why trade your mlb to one of the teams you are in that race against? No dropoff in mlb? I doubt that anthony is even on the team next year let alone replacing him long term. If it was a trade for the long term then they should have admitted they gave up on this season, but they didnt.
That other guy winnipeg has is sure a good kick returner........armstead I think they called him. Too bad the cats couldnt get a 'washed up returner who has lost a step' like armsted!

Its time to get over it. He's gone. We have a vaery capable MLB. Moreno was not brining the wins so no loss IMO

At least he's not injury prone like #1 and 28 on our team.

#28 isn't injury prone, he just got hurt at the worst time. And #1 is the guy who filled in for him.

Sorry, '89 flashback. :wink:

We all know that Zeke is a good player. Obie knows that also.

If the guys we get for him play as well or better
than he does, then it was a worthwhile trade.

We won't know this until sometime in the future
but we are talking about 1st round draft picks.


Two facts that put Obie in a bind
when Tom Canada's spleen flared up.

  1. Zeke was already in Winnipeg.

  2. He had been studying their playbook.

If it was only the first fact, I would have
called and told him to get on a plane home.

As to #2, in a small league like the CFL

it is best show integrity when dealing
with each and every General Manager.

I wonder how many smart-mouthed, know-it-all fans will be singing Zeke's praises after Winnipeg gets annihilated in the East Semi-Final by the western crossover team, and Obie selects a Canadian impact starter for the Ticats with the Bombers' #1 pick in the draft next year?

The Bombers are not a very good team, even with Moreno. They have won the last two games mostly because the teams they have played have imploded with mistakes at critical times.

Not a very good team eh?

im enjoying a 5-8 opposed to a 2-10, and I will also enjoy a home playoff spot.

Moreno is a beast, and we all love him here in Winnipeg. When your Defense is amazing, your not going to have just one guy who does everything, which is why Moreno may not seem that noticeable. But 9 tackles and 1 Sack, ill take it.

Hes a fierce competitor, and a huge contribute to the Bomber Defense, and definitely has played a big part since he has come here, 3 wins in a row now with him. Good stuff :rockin:

Best game EVER!!!

(Praise Be His Name...)

Now just a second there…if, as is quite possible, Saskatchewan becomes the crossover team, do you really think the short staffed Green Riders will “annihilate” the Bombers at home? Somehow, I don’t see it happening that way…it’s really a shame the way injuries have decimated the Grey Cup champs, but with a no-name receiving corps, Cates out, the O-line banged up, and with Michael Bishop as their #1 QB, I think Winnipeg wins it if they keep playing the way they have the last 3 or 4 games.

i think if Saskatchewan ends up crossing over then Winnipeg but could definately go to the Eastern Final (only to get smacked in the mouth by the als and lose by 30 points).

If Edmonton crosses over however i think the eskies would go to the eastern Final....the bombers needed a TD with a minute left to beat the eskies last night....but i think with A.J Harris and Kelly Campbell in the lineup that would have been a different game......plus add on the fact tahat the eskies have Ricky Ray at QB...that alone gives them a hell of a chance to win....i think Ray only had like 6 incompletions last night....3 or 4 of which were from dropped balls.

But I wonder what Armstead is making there. Is it the same that he was making when he was in Hamilton? Or is it more in line with what Obie wanted him to settle for?

I only saw parts of the game but it looked to me like the Bombers were playing a zone defence.

Moreno had nine tackles and one of those tackles was a sack. He did appear to be a force out there, and it looks like he will continue to lead the league in defensive tackles. And about all I have to say about the Moreno trade is this: When you trade a good MLB like him, I think you should get more than a pair of question marks.

And yes, Armstead looked elusive as he got his 2nd punt return TD this season. But he did get some good blocking. But would he have been worth the salary he was apparently asking for?

Speaking of former Ticats, Goss got another pick last night. That Goss trade continues to not look good for us.

If the Bombers get killed by the Western crossover team (please God) it won't be because of Zeke so why would any of us stop singing his praises??

As for having a very "capable" MLB, I'll make that determination when we are playing a team who ISN'T the second worst team in the league. I hope we don't see a drop-off at MLB, Habman, but that doesn't mean we couldn't have kept Zeke and put Anthony at OLB. I'm not convinced that starting Mariuz there was a good idea (although he's been doing well recently). IMO there is nothing that makes this a good trade.