Who's the Starting QB???

Hey guys, can anyone help out an American, finding out who are the starting QB's around the league, I know Maas is starting for Hamilton, that info is on this website, I also know Calvillo has the Montreal job, and Dickenson has the Lions', I'm assuming Burris and Joseph held onto their jobs with the Stamps and 'Riders respectively, so I guess my question really is, Does Glenn have the job in Winnipeg, and I'm assuming we're all wondering, who's got the job, and what is the depth chart, in Toronto

Actually, the starting job with the Riders hasnt been decided yet, and as for the Argos, your guess is as good as ours.

i hope mcmahon starts for the argos...he looks like hes gonna be real good by week 5...IF the starter.

I'd bet alot of money that DA will get the start in week one. Who will be starting at the end of the season however, is anyones guess

i really feel bishop will be starting in week 1.

they convinced him to leave the arena league and earn the starting job, and he did have better pre-season games than damon.

i dont think, however, that bishop will be the starter very long.

I think Either Bishop or Allen will get the nod, and if its Bishop i think we'll see allen as 3rd string, I know that sounds funny since I said he might get the start, but if they don't start him, they may make him 3rd string, so he can request his release or, should he get the nod if Bishop & McMahon both don't perform, they'll be less pressure on him.

re-nepats fan- re ee,s Ricky ray may be in trouble ?

Really, how so? I heard the other guys didn't show much of anything, whats the scoop?

Glenn's deffinately starting in WPG, seeing as there's nobody else.

List of starters and their proposed #1 backup:

BC - Dickenson, then Pierce, but only if Dickenson has bits of brain matter leaking out his earhole
CGY - Burris, maaaaayyybe Smith, although I'm hoping we see Federik back on that field to show us his stuff
EDM - Ray, then a football throwing machine set at 3/4 speed and moved around by two fullbacks
SSK - Joseph, Crandell (heeheehee, hee, hee) sorry about that, (serious face) Crandell
WPG - Glenn, Westwood in a leather jacket(but he'll punt on every down so it's not good to be a bomber fan if he's in)
HAM - Maas, then take your pick of Chang, Butler or Williams (your guess is as good as ours, they'll rockpaperscissor for that one)
TOR - The plan here is to dress Allen, Bishop, Crouch and McMahon all in one huge oversized uniform as the starter, then hope the refs don't notice. If they're caught then Allen will start.
MTL - Calvillo, then no one, so everyone will go their maisons at that point

....that pretty much does it I think....

Geez Red, not a bad analysis. We should get you on Wendy's Friday night.

I think the Pinner has gone off the deep end this time. He wants to platoon Allen and Bishop ? That should make both those guys very happy. Arland Bruce will be screaming to get out of TO by week 3.

The #2 situation in Hamilton is clear: Timmy Chang. Rocky Butler was released because he didn't want to be #4, and Richie Williams didn't come close to Chang's performance in the preseason.