Who's the Riders QB now?

wow does Bishop look bad, forcing the ball way to much, Riders staff got some thinking to do know? who's going to be playing come playoffs at QB, does not look good now for the Riders,

He looks terrible but It's not really that surprising. I think they still stick with him in BC and hope the good Mike shows.

It is rather discouraging especially given how bad the Argo’s defense has been this year, I think overall BC is MUCH better defensively. Flick really didn’t look like his old self out there either, but Fantuz looks in mid season.

Sigh 4 picks no TD passes, he did pull it together for the 4th when I was watching.

But seriously we should have trounced the Argos, KJ did look good though from what I saw.

I don't really have confidence in our QB no matter who it is at the moment. Going to need a big showing from the D in the playoffs, which is a little scarry because Wally's teams always seem to have our number.

I think this is another step towards Durant never playing another down for the Riders...Bishop played poorly and Durant was next in line but did not see action...just an observation.

As for who's starting against BC? fasten your seat belts folks welcome to the Micheal Bishop roller coaster ride!!!

Say what you want about Micheal Bishop... Dull is not a word that pops up in my mind.


I think the word infarct does for me though....... I am just kidding...... I think.....

I will be behind who ever is starting 100%, but let me say this, I really really hope that they at least give Bell a look for the starter next year. I think Durant is done with this organization.

Why does Bishop when in the redzone always go for the big pass, i just kringe when he does this as of lately is usually an INT, Why would you guys think Durant is done, i bet he gives the others a run next years training camp, i can't see why he would not, Riders would be nuts to let this guy go. Its going to be intersting in B.C. next week and like you said which Bishop is going to show up

Pure speculation on Durant... Tillman usually does not stand for Airing dirty laundry through the media. I mentioned this before because of Joseph, Perry & Armstead... I for one would be happy if Durant was back competing next year