Who's the odd man out in Eskieland?

Just wondering gang, with the Ricky Ray signing by the Esks today, who's going to get the boot?

mass and jones will get the boot considering the multi year contract ray just signed maas will be a bomber and jones will become a ticat and the gades will kick all ur asses lol

I don't know who has more injury problems, in my mind I'm thinking Jones' injuries may make him harder to move than Maas. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong about who's more accident prone.

......omigod, a renegades fan who wants to trade smack........there's something you don't see everyday/onceinawhile/ever..........

.....Maas is tradebait, they'll stick with Jones 'cause he knew he was #2 anyway and Bart-the-Benchwarmer will remain #3..........

Your are entitled to your opinion even if it is misguided, shortsighted and uninformed. You may be right about the QB's but you should take a look in the mirror before predicting that your team will be paddelling any buttocks. You should feel happy that your team is afloat for another year and quietly root for their success. As far as the contract goes, I haven't looked at the story in the media yet but it Esks policy to not release details and I am sure they aren't changing that here. If they did, I will return with an apology.


Sportsnet say 460 000$ per year for 3 years.

If that’s true, it’s plain insane.

I hadn't heard that yet.....that is pretty high for the CFL

I say trade Kahari.

It would suck to trade Maas then see Ray go down with a season-ending injury a-la Nealon Greene last year. That would mean Kahari would be our starter for the season.


Ray probably has a lot of rust on him - the Esks should force him to earn his starting role back.

This will be a good year. 8)

Maas will be a Ticat, I have no doubt.

Jason needs some time to rehab, and won't be ready for the start of the season. He's going to have to go somewhere that has an established starter who will probably be retiring at the end of the season. I'm sure he won't mind taking a backup role to McManus. There's no way he's going to Winnipeg to compete for a job with a younger and more mobile Kevin Glenn.

Maas and McManus are similar style quarterbacks. Maas would be a good fit here, and he knows it, as do Lancaster and Marshall. I believe Macciocca will do what's best for the guy who was their guy last year.

Jones will probably stick in Edmonton; but if he goes, it will more likely be to Toronto. Toronto needs a quarterback to step in when Grampa retires. They need someone more mobile than Maas; and Jones fits that description. Every other team has a quarterback they can stick with, who has the potential of more than one or two years. This would be the most logical scenario; though, as I said, I think the Esks will hang on to Khari as a backup.

I don't think the Bombers would be interested in Maas for the simple reason is that he would not fit their style of play and he's injury prone.....Spergon Wynn impressed me more than Maas ever did,even though the new Wynnipeg QB. hasn't had all that much playing time.....and none so far with the Bombers.......so I think they'll stand pat with what they have....now that 'big bucks' Ricky is signed and back in Edm.everybody can stop stargazing and concentrate on what they have. :arrow:

and what was that.....WYNN AND GLENN finished one and two in the Damon Allen QB. challenge.......who needs RICKY....... :wink:

Should we tell them to engrave the Bombers' names on the Grey Cup? :lol:

GoodBye Hendricks

do you suppose that these young qbs felt more of a need to prove themselves at the challenge and therefore worked harder than those more experienced. for them it was a fun outing. glenn and wynn are fighting for a job.

having said that, i would love it if they were the top two qbs in the league but somehow i am not yet convinced.

Maybe they'll trade Khari back to Winnipeg?

Just kidding. The radio report says that all 3 will compete for the starting job....Hmmmm Me thinks Jones will be traded before the season starts. I read somewhere that Maas and Ray got along good together, so it would be a good deal for the Eskies to keep Ray and Maas. That would give them a similar 1-2 punch like BC has with Dickenson and Printers.

Both Maas and Ray say they are great friends and that the competition will push them both and the Esks will benefit. I guess we will have to wait and see. It’s not like teams have not been successfull in a similar situation before.

I am not sure it will work in BC this year though, I haven’t heard are they going to pay Printers what he is asking for?

Printers has been letting his agent do the bargaining, and Printers has been saying all the right (Politically polite) things. Four weeks ago, he was still limping around after his Turf toe surgery. If the deal isn't extended before training camp, he has indicated that he will see what NFL offers there are at the end of the season, but would honour his contract until it expires at the end of the 2005 season.

Dickenson being injury prone makes me nervous. I was really, really was hoping Wally would have made Printers an offer that he couldn't refuse. Time will tell. Training camp starts soon!

Glenn and Wynn? ROFL! Someones more delusional then a Riders fan! Bombers should take back Kanhardly, he got them the closest they’ve been in years.

Who is Hendricks?