Who's the Leader of the Team? Not M I C K E Y....

At least twice in recent times, coach Lancaster has cared to remind the press that Maas is not a "raw raw" guy. He states Jason leads by the quiet full effort style. In my opinion, Ron recognizes that no player has stepped up to be a team leader on the field or in the dressing room, since Danny Mac departed and Ron knows the team badly needs a raw raw leader to be more successful. I'm sure he desires Jason to take on a more vocal leadership role, both in the dressingroom and on the field. particularly with his receivers.

Perhaps Jason mistakenly feels he can't really take on that role right now, which would be a new role for him, if a nagging injury is preventing him from delivering his own goods. Perhaps it is that Jason is not of the personality to ever be that way.

But the team needs a vocal leader! Somebody has to step up!

May be a rouster like Word or Mihelic could serve a purpose. LOL!

Mihelic could at least get some Vitamin S for everybody at his old job. That would pump things up.

YOUR LEADERS ARE HITCHCOCK AND MORREALE. End of post. These guys have given their all and are true ticats. :rockin:

was this an ear joke? the M I C K E Y part?

Bob, give me the entire roster for February and March, some prime woodland in N. Carolina, a GOOD budget, logistical help, and access to National Guard training facilities, and I will GUARANTEE you that I will build teamwork and develop leadership on this team...

i vote for sigs idea.

Sorry, I disagree with that. You lose a lot of the leadership role when you are put out to pasture to perform. Good guys! But they would hardly be heard from, being senile and all.

I may get flamed for saying this, but, the thing that gets me about Maas is his demeanor after a bad play or a failed 2cd down attempt.

He will slam his helmet and walk off the field a lot like Craig Yeast used to. I don't know what he says to players or coaches when he comes off the field.

I just get the feeling he sort pouts every time something doesn't work out right and personally i'm not sure if that is a trait you want in your starting QB.

I want confidence, and somebody who looks in control focused and organized. I don't see that in Jason and that concerns me.

I'm not comparing him to anybody else just stating what concerns me about my perception of his demeanor so far with the Cats.

does anyone remember Jason Maas leading the Eskimos on the side lines,yelling and screaming to get the guys going..Is that the same Jason Maas we have.

We need leaders that will be on the field the WHOLE game. Not guys that only start occasionaly.

Wouldn't you rather have a QB that's pissed off that he didn't get the job done as opposed to say.... Henry Burris...

good ol' smilin' Hank is always smiling. big ole goofy grin too.

Up twenty points? great! down twenty? GREAT! Threw an interception? smilin! screwed up a second down conversion? no bigs!

Think about what the alternative might be.

Jason will never be our knight in shining armour until he learns
to put aside his frustration with the last play that was unsuccessful
and switch his mind over immediately to concentrating on the next play.


If Jason tried to make a table in his workshop at home
he would never get it finished. He would smash it to pieces
as soon as he made a couple of mistakes on it.

I would rather have a QB like Dunnigan, Flutie, Dickenson, Auston or from what I've seen recently Buck Peirce.

The qualities I want a QB who is confident, focused and can lead a team.

You menton Henry Burris, well I wouldn't want Burris for the same kind of reasons you mention, however, right now I don't like what I see from Jason either. He doesn't leave me the impression that he has the ability to motivate and raise the level of effort from his offense. The other names i've mentioned (outside of BP) were able to raise the level of play from their offence and lead.

yeh im the same way, jason a bitch and cries all the time, i cant stand that he whines abuot how he had a bad game and says he'll do better, dont say it unless u can deliver, we've waited half the season now lets go, jeez