Who's the first head coach to be fired?

Marshall in SASK?
Wally in BC?

i will go with None. Wally and Barker is GM and Marshall just signed a 2 or 3 year deal.

I think though, It wouldn't shock me in the least to see...

Chapdelaine and Berry fired tho.

Barker is GM so he wont fire himself. Wally is a legend and GM aswell and Chapdelaine as coach would be a nightmare.

Lions Offense looked absolutely lost or maybe just scared and confused in the 3rd tonight.. My vote goes for Chapdelaine.

I think moves will be made during these teams bye weeks.

I'm not ready to give up on Barker, yet. And I think someone mentioned Wally intends to step down after this season, so I don't see him firing himself. I agree about Berry and Chap.

Looks like Chap right now. The BC offense wasn't just beaten by Winnipeg, they looked confused and lost doing it. It was just ugly.

Saskatchewan still lost, but they looked like they could make some plays on offense this week. That probably buys Berry more time, because if forward progress is being made you don't want to fire a guy midseason. A lot will depend on the next couple of weeks (and if they get Fantuz back).

Marshall. Don't care how long his contract is and it's never stopped anyone from firing a coach before. You fire Buono or Barker you also have to fire your GM and I don't see either team doing that. There's a lot of panic in Riderville and if they don't turn it around soon I can see Marshall being the fall guy.

Marshall IMHO

After the first three quarters last night it is pretty hard to see how Marshall survives. That was just terrible football.

Based on your own answer, Killer, do you think it might have been better to phrase the question differently? You asked who will be fired first and then say "none." That doesn't really answer the question. I am now convinced, based on this and you saying in another thread that the Eskimos would finish 3rd, but that the two Alberta teams and four East teams would make the playoffs, that you most definitely lose your train of thought within your own posts.

Anyway, if anyone is fired, it's likely to be a coordinator. I could see Doug Berry getting the heave-ho. I don't think Marshall will be canned because it's way too soon, IMO. As others have stated, Wally and Barker are their own GMs, so to fire them would be disastrous. I think all three survive the season, and Wally heads to the front office permanently next season and someone else takes the reins for the Leos. Barker will stay and Marshall will get another year. If Richie Hall can get two years in Edmonton, surely Greg Marshall can get the same in Saskatchewan.

Guess I was wrong. :oops:

I'm going to go with Marshall on this one. Shame, though. I'd have liked to have seen what he could do if he had picked his own staff.

ha marshall and berry.

take the bullet for the players who arent executing..

sask fans will tell u miller will motivate them... maybe but if they werent motivated to play for their careers the last 8 games. why now? fire the whole team :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep as others have stated, you just dont make any sense. Thats right fire the whole team :roll:

I think you have another username.... "AlsRule". :expressionless:

I think you're very delusional if you think i was serious when i said fire the whole team :stuck_out_tongue:

:P <-- what does that mean? i was under the impresssion it meant joking.. because it loooks silly... i mean i dunno, who sticks their tongue out at other people? :P = joking imo.

but.. reality is.. the coaches got fired because your players (specifically the defense) (how does hall keep his job??) they aren't very good anymore. Look at the points they have given up.. u guys put up 35, u give up 45. scoring 35 should be enough to win... it hasn't been.. if u think firing a coach and OC half way through is gonna save your season.. NO WAY.

you dont have the talent.. look at your record your last 18 regular season games and then tell me... FANTUZ and Bagg were still on that team too... the riders the last 18 games or so.. just haven't been as good as people in sask would want you to believe.. u got on a roll in the playoffs last year and it hid the fact that you really werent that great last year either.

Look at it, you will see. 6-12 or something in last 18 regular season games.... this started a while ago,welll b4 marshall was coach, actually started when Miller was.

I am loath to agree with Killer, but he's got a point. The Riders are something like 2-11 in their last 13 regular season games. The problems in Saskatchewan were there before Marshall was hired, before Fantuz left, before Bagg got hurt, before Morgan and O'Day retired. I think we just might have to look at the Riders and say the obvious: they're a bad football team this year.

Aging team, receiver injuries, no good pass rush, DBs that can't make big plays. I agree with Killer as well: this is more a player issue than a coaching issue. Having Fantuz and Bagg hid a lot of problems last season.

...Miller said he is 'mystified at the inconsistency' of this team...based on the record of the last 15-18 or so games as the two previous posters before D&P have noted I would argue with Miller there is, statistically, outstanding consistency being shown...the riders won a couple of playoff games and all those losses disappear momentarily, but reality is catching up so it would seem...

I've been saying this since the start of last season.

Taman takes over, his biggest problem is rush end. his deepest position is probably LB. His big FA signing is Barrin Simpson. Hello???? :x Taman has had a year and a half to get ONE rush end, let alone two and has not only failed, he has not even PRIORITIZED it.

Since Taman took over ...

Odell Willis was traded to Calgary
Keron Williams was an FA to BC
Jonathan Brown was an FA to BC
Stevie Baggs was an FA to Ham
Rickey Foley was an FA to the Argos

Jonathan Brown may have been aging but he was a key acquisition for the Lions last year and played much better than any of the Riders' ends last year. the other 4 guys are all all-stars. Other teams needed ends and got them.

If we look at DBs ...

Chris Thompson went to Edmonton
Geoff Tisdale was FA to Calgary
Dwight Anderson went FA to the Als
Jerome Dennis went FA to the Lions

These teams needed DBs and got them. Riders need DBs and picked up Eubanks (lol), and cut guys.

Yes it is difficult to find guys, but SEVEN OTHER TEAMS are finding guys. :x

Let's look at Edmonton ...

They lost 3 starting receivers to injury. Within 2 weeks they bring in 3 experienced players.

The Riders lost 3 starters to injury, wait 6 weeks, then trade THEIR BEST RUSH END Mullinder (and an NI to boot) to the Als for a receiver Baker who has not dressed. WTF!!!???!!??? Hello?? :x

Let's look at salary cap. Officially, Kornegay and Mullinder were a cap issue move, but then no new FAs were signed other than Robinson who is probably playing for near league minimum. So the general consensus around the team is to free up money for Chick and/or Fantuz in a few weeks. But then after the firing, Randorf interviews Taman live and Taman says AND I QUOTE "we can't wait around for these guys, we have to win now".

WTFF??!!!??!! Hello??? What is the cap space for????? :x


And Miller finds it a mystery why this team can't win? This is a sick joke.

Taman needs to be fired for his complete ineptitude and Miller needs to be fired for standing by Taman this long.

Marshall and Berry swung for no reason whatsoever. Bloody shame.

And I wanted to mention another one but forgot while I was writing that long post.

Let's look at kickers:

Duval was an FA to Edmonton
DeAngelis was an FA a couple of times
Sean Whyte was traded to Montreal
Justin Medlock was traded to Hamilton

all of these players were available, DeAngelis is STILL available.

Toronto has Prefontaine AND Shaw
Edmonton has Duval AND Schiavone

Alexis Serna and Rob Pikula are to the best of my knowledge alive. If they have a pulse, they can hit at least 50%, which, in all seriousness, is far better than anything the Riders kickers can do right now.

All of the kickers that I have just mentioned can be criticized, but ALL of the kickers that I have mentioned are better than what we saw from the Riders in the preseason and the last 3 weeks.

My point is, if all the other 7 GMs are able to find kickers, why can't Taman?

I thought you were going to say that edmonton had duval and rogers, or bell, or.... :wink:

I mean, I started to wonder, what does shaw have to do with prefontaine :slight_smile: