Who's the Best WR on the Team?

I think this is not as easy as it looks.

Somebody voted for Ibrahim Tounkara?!?! Looks like someone has been hanging around Ricky...

I had to pick Matt D. because I know he can play in clutch situations which Jamel hasn't shown yet. Agree who ever picked Tounkara is an idiot. Has he even caught 5 regualar season balls since he's been here?

has he caught 1?

I voted for MD, but had we re-signed Elijah Thurmon I would think that he would be at the top of that list. He's taller and faster than Dominguez, althought I haven't compaired the stats of the two.

Richardson is where its at. What has MD done that JR has not? JR is very very under rated in my opinion

I think that Richardson will have a break out season but Matt D. had more touchdowns last year in the 2 or 3 games he played than Richardson had all year.