whos the argo starting QB?

now that both pre-season games are done, who will it be? Allen, Bishop or McMahon?

I think it should be McMahon both games he played in he was their best QB but I think they will go with allen out of respect

i'd start mcMahon....he seems to have caught on to the CFL game quickly, and will only get better.

Exactly my thought.

They will probably go with Allen, until he proves that he can't play to the level which the coaches expect from him.

Probably Allen, with a short "Leash".

I have now changed my position somewhat, I would start McMahon, with Bishop as back up.
If Crouch cannot play and supposedly has a leg injury and will go on the DL, then by default Damon is the third string combination QB coach.
If Crouch is OK, then Damon goes into retirement as QB coach only.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2007/06/22/4281814-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 4-sun.html[/url]


His classroom work may have been sharp for much of the past three weeks, but did Damon Allen pass last night's final exam?

Facing a blitzing Montreal Alouettes defence and playing behind an offensive line that had its weak moments, Allen did little to move to the head of the class.

That the Argos lost 34-26 at Percival Molson Stadium in the final pre-season game for both was of minimal concern.

That the offence waffled under the command of its incumbent quarterback throughout the first half could compromise his bid for the starting job.

It is also possible that Mike McMahon shot up the charts when he took over in the third and promptly delivered a quarter and a half of productive play.

McMahon's second possession concluded with a snazzy 21-yard touchdown pass to go-to receiver Arland Bruce III, capping off an impressive 75-yard drive.

Playing into the fourth quarter, McMahon got more confident by the series. A second scoring drive of 91 yards was nicely finished with a 29-yard strike to Michael Washington.

The evaluation process gets serious today, likely starting on the team's early morning train ride home. The Argos braintrust must now decide whether McMahon or Michael Bishop have done enough to sack Allen.

Whatever they decide, it may not be permanent.

"I don't think as we move forward to game one that the guy who starts is going to be the starter for the next 17," Argos coach Mike (Pinball) Clemons said. "You are really going to have to play and be accountable.

"At some point, a true number one will emerge. I don't think we can say that definitively at this point."

Clemons said he will have to decide on a Week 1 starter by Sunday when the team begins preparations for Thursday's opener at home against the Grey Cup champion B.C. Lions.

Visually it was an unsightly night for Allen. It began on the opening snap when he had the ball stripped by Als defensive end R-Kal Truluck.

There was more damning evidence from a half in which he was also sacked twice and hit hard several times. The fact that Allen, who completed 10 of 17 attempts for 112 yards, didn't take his first snap in Alouettes territory until 1:13 remaining in the first half might be difficult to ignore.

"What do you want me to say?" Allen said.

"To me, it wasn't that good because you never got in your rhythm and we had protection breakdowns. It's really hard to assess."

With guard Jude St. John not dressed due to a minor leg injury, the Als defence picked on Brian Ramsay -- making his first start as a pro -- and got to Allen repeatedly.

McMahon wasn't bothered by any such issues, completing eight of 13 passes for 154 yards and two touchdowns and looked in command.

"I feel a more comfortable every time I'm on the field," McMahon said. "I just go out there with my best and see what happens."

Bishop, who made his case with a solid first half in the pre-season opener, only appeared in the final four minutes of mostly mop-up play.

I voted for McMahon, but I think Toronto will give it to Allen out of respect, as someone else already mentioned. But I can definitely see McMahon taking over for Allen in the near future. That's probably why McMahon chose the CFL; he knew he'd get a starting job quickly.

Great excitement around McMahon. I bet a few of the Argo Qb's are being watched around the league. McMahon could be a CFL star like you said, but I hope it's with my Argos and not your teams. Rumours fly, he won't stick around playing second fiddle. But, the truth came out he was looking and found an apartment in T.O. way before training camp was half over, so me thinks he plans to stick around for at least a year. A year learning and watching the CFL game would do wonders and he could start for a team near you.

Since when does any football team play someone out of respect?

Respect wont win ball games

Should they? Of course not.

Will they? Probably.

Not much chance Pinball will essentially cut professional football's all-time leading passer. And they can't afford to keep him as a backup making the money he's making now. That means they'll have to release him, even if it's just so they can sign him to a new contract more in line with a backup's pay.

Pinball will not release Allen, so he has to start him.

You may say it doesn't happen, ro, but it does.

wally played dickenson outta respect, and like u said, it didnt win them the game in '04.

Maybe the Argos should alternate McMahon and Bishop by the quarter until one clearly takes hold of the reins. It would make it difficult for the opposition defending their different styles...and it would let them make the decision, by their play, easier for everybody.
I love Damon, but at this stage I think he should become a playing coach who can come off the bench when needed.
That solves the problem :slight_smile: but nobody ever listens to my advice. :lol: Probably with good reason.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2007/06/24/4286669-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 9-sun.html[/url]

It isn't often that cutdown day is easier than naming the starting quarterback for a football team's coaching staff.

Damon Allen, Michael Bishop and Mike McMahon are all vying for the call on opening night.

Clemons said that among the newcomers, McMahon was the player who opened his eyes the most during the training camp.

"I didn't expect him to come in and assimilate that quickly," Clemons said of the former NFLer. "Certainly, he was playing against backups and it was pre-season, but we can't discount the way he performed and the way he carried himself.

"To me, he was probably the biggest surprise in camp."