Who's staying here for the off-season?

I'm going to be here! I hope most of you are around as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

For sure…things are always interesting here in the off-season…

people get bored and fight ...maybe ill get banned again..haha

I'll likely pop in on occasion to see what's up.
It may be an interesting offseason with the salary cap coming into play.
But with no controversy, it might not be exactly exciting.
But here is one bit to discuss.
We all like to talk about coaches and players.
Was that Jake the Snake's last game?
God I hope so!!

Ill be here

Last Year I Was Really Busy With School So I Was Unable To Post During The School Year. However, Now That I'm Done School And Have No Job I've Got Plently Of Time To Post. So I'll Be Here, Till I Get A Job At Least.

I'll be here ... depends a lot on what there is to talk about, but I don't plan on ditching ... after about 10 days of no Canadian football I'll be going thru such rough withdrawl that I'll HAVE to come back here :wink:

Not to mention that, for this first week of the off-season at least, there is still the Vanier Cup ... I plan on watching that

ill be here regularly, just like last off-season.

Me too, it'll be especially interesting to see which players and coaches move around this off-season.

....free agency should be interesting....and a few coaching moves should be on the horizon....and i'm especially waiting (patiently) on the announcement of the ownership situation in the Peg....thought it would happen during Grey Cup week...but the rumours were just that....c'mon Aspers... :roll:

I'll be around.

Hey no expansion thread this week. Geez, I was expecting talk about expanding to Spuzzum!

:wink: :wink:

I'll be popping in on occasion throughout the off season. Gonna enjoy the Grey Cup victory by the Lions right through til the next Grey Cup.

I'll be around too!

I’ll be here. I’m sure we’ll have lots of fodder for discussion, what with coaching moves, player moves, maybe even trades (how about Hamilton trading Maas to Calgary for Burris?).