Who's starting on saturday? (keep this thread non Printers)

Is Chang still starting or are they going with Maas? Anyone know?

My guess: Chang, ideally with Williams to get at least a quarter if things stall into the second half.

Maas? No clue, although the transition will happen by the time Casey assumes the helm of the Catamaran...a question of weeks left, if not days.

Oski Wee Wee,

My Guess it will Be Chang

after jasons comments today,his days here are numbered. this is Changs team,until caseys ready..next week.

When/where did Jason say this??.. Link please!

i want to see/hear it too :slight_smile:

There's not a lot of choice...its got to be Chang, to see what he has learned, and what his future might be. The "Reliever" will be Williams to get a showing in "real game time" and assess him. If it looks winnable and a QB change is needed, we'll see Maas coming in, to increase his value as trade bait.

sorry,jason didnt say that,i did. i was refering to his interview on ch,.the part about chang is my opinion

So exactly what did Maas say.

lol.. ohh... I thought we had QB controversy growing

How about giving Williams the start and have Chang come in relief. I'd like to see what he can do. Based on what I've seen, the OL hasn't been too successful in maintaining the pocket. William's speed and athleticism might be the answer. (The REAL answer, however, is Printers!)

why cant printers start? or at least not play? Montreal was guanna have him start

Maas didnt wanna be here, he was whining, anyways i would give chang the start again, i notice in pro sports teams usually give young players their first start on the road because there is less pressure from the home fans, and the rogers centre isnt a tough place to pay, the toronto crowd is quiet and doesn't intimidate players, in reality chang's first start should have came on the road in the first place.

I'm not looking forward to seeing Maas play this weekend. Do you think his heart is going to be in this game?
Chang and Williams will have to play with Printes watching and learning from the sidelines.

Well, it's offical - Maas will be in Montreal today so rule him out as playing on Saturday.
Therefore it will be Chang and Williams, maybe Printers could come in for a few plays and run around.