Who's standing out so far?

I know it's still pretty early, but has anyone noticed any diamonds in the ruff?

Can't wait for Sat. and the black and gold game. :cowboy:

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See above

I think JoJo is a diamond in the ruff.
And i like the chang QB.

well in my opinion a few guys are standing out on this team and from my predictions earlier i have a funny feeling i know whose going to make this team and what not.

Im surprised i havent heard much about Chris Bauman yet. Hows he doing in the training camp?? I hear Nate Curry is having a good camp andso is Talman Gardner,Mike Morreale, Atnas Maeko and Jo Jo walker..but what about the rest of them? I havent heard anything about Kwame Cavil or Chris Getzlaf or even Richard Alston.

Anyways...as for teh quarterback situation, i really like this Timmy Chang guy. He looks really sharp but like a lot of people are saying..its only training camp. He still has a lot to learn but i have to agree he is the future for sure. Jason Maas on the other hand looks good but i really hope he can come back to his old Edmonton days. With that being said, i can see them keeping jason maas, shaun king and Timmy Chang as there three quarterbacks. I can also see them keeping Butler just for a safety net in case Maas is the same as last year. Richie Williams will be the odd man out unfortunately but i can see another team picking him up. :frowning: As for our offensive line its the battle of trenches. All players are looking solid i hear. I like the looks of Cedric Gagne Marcoux as our centre this year. He is adapting to the team really well. Im not sure about George Hudson and Pascal Cheron. I really like them both but if there still injured and what not its not really economical for the team to keep them with our strict salary cap enforced. Not when we have other outstanding players like Rempel, Sutherland and Hogarth along with a few others like Ince and Hage.
And im pretty sure the starting tackles are going to be woodard and Davis.

As for the defence, i can only say one thing!! ZEKE AND DESTROY!! i see a lot of potential in this guy and he looks really strong! This guy is our middle linebacker no doubt with agustin barrenchea being one of the outside linebackers. As for the other side im not sure yet. There are a few good linebackers along with Armour...well as long as armour still will be able to play football wtih all that legal stuff he is going through.

I love the addition of Richard karikari but i dont think he should be moved to cornerback. He plays safety well and i think we should keep him there and have Gordon and Shaw at the cornerback positions. I really like the looks of Dwight Anderson also at defensive back. He looks really impressive. i can see him taking a shot at starting along with Tay Cody on the other side.

As for the defensive line, J.P Bekasiak is going to be a strong competitor this year and Jermaine Reid is someone else im looking forward to watching along with Nautyn Mckay Loescher. Clinton Wayne and Phil Gibson look like keepers also.

GO CATS GO!! im really impressed in what i see!!

I'd have to say receivers that are standing out are Walker, Alston, Curry and Gardner look good. Walker may be small, but you'd never know it by the way he goes up for the ball. It's also great to see Morreale out there showing the rookies how it's done.

Defense, I can't say enough about Dwight Anderson. He's got good hands, he's fast and he just seems to be wherever the ball is. He also has a pretty good sense of humour (he'll need one dealing with the fans on here..lol). I like the chemistry of the DB's. It's great to see the vets helping out the rookies. Cody seems a lot more intense this year. Bradley is looking good. I haven't really spent a lot of time looking at the Dline so I can't say much about that.

The Oline seems to be shaping up nicely. They were giving the QB's some good time to pass and opening up some good holes for the RB's.

I can't pick a QB who should be cut right now. They all seem to be bringing their A game. Good luck to the coaches making that tough decision.

One more thing I'd like to say is that I absolutely love the way Gregg Butler coaches. He just kills me. I'm looking forward to seeing what the DB's have learned from him.

George Hudson was standing out so far, he was in St. Catharines
but today he merely stood on the practice field with his team-mates.

:twisted: :rockin: :D :oops:

Cody more intense? Wow...........I thought he was the most intense player last year....

As for the secondary, I'm not a fan of trying to put square pegs into round holes. Karikari is a safety, was an allstar at the position, stop fooling around and put him where he belongs. Gordon was a real find at the corner last year, I leave him out there.

My favourite current example of the folly of trying to put square pegs into round holes is Reggie Durden. Two years ago he was Montreal's top shut-down DB. He moves to Edmonton last season, and they put him out on the corner, he had a dreadful season, is now released and as far as I know has not signed anywhere, so his career is probably over. He was a DB, Edmonton should have left him there instead of trying to make him into a corner, which is a whole different kettle of fish.

So I'd have Karikari at safety and nowhere else.

But what do I know..............

I didn’t see Cody smile once. He wasn’t chatty either. He just went out there and did what he had to do.

I totally agree. I’m TOTALLY against moving a guy away from his natural position. Drives me crazy. It absolutely killed Chris Martin’s career.

Chris is in Winnipeg now, Borehamgirl.

The Bombers are counting on him
to be one of their first string DBs.

He is listed at 190 lb.
certainly not LB weight.

It's a shame he was ever moved from DB here, Ron. He just never looked good at LB.

I agree. Then when they moved him back to DB they wondered why he was getting torched. I guess it would have nothing to do with the fact that he was over-weight from playing linebacker.

How have Lumsden and Holmes been running the ball?

They've been running quite well, Pseudo. In fact Armour made a comment about Lumsden getting fast..lol. They both look good. Anthony Davis is also running the ball well.