Who's standing out at camp?

Just wondering if anyone attending the training camp has noticed anyone who's stood out.
I haven't been able to make it down there yet but I'm hereing there's lots of great competition for jobs.


83 Talman Gardner WR
28 Jesse Lumsden, RB
11 Jason Maas QB
18 Mike Morreale SB
7 Timmy Chang QB

9 Nautyn McKay-Loescher DT/DE
90 Clinton Wayne DT
20 Dwight Anderson DB

I hope Maas has a record year. I'd love to see the Anti-Maas fans eat their words and really get behind the guy. And besides I paid like $200 on a Maas Jersey and I dont want it to be useless if he is traded..haha

Glad to see he is standing out as well as Morreale..the old vet still showing how its done..

Thanks O K,

I'm reading some very positive reports on Timmy Chang....hopefully he'll be a future star for us.
If Maas can regain his old form, that'll be good news for Cat Nation.

Me being new to the ticats, im going to say all of them…

I’m proud to see them all try hard, and I cant leave out my own blood… #77

Go tiger cats

Maas for sure and some others:


I confess I spent a lot of time taking pictures, so I didn't get to really focus on individual performance a lot.. but a few did stand out..


There were a few who stood out to me based on how hard they were working too..

and most of the OL guys.

The reports that get posted here on this site do give an idea of who may be standing out. But I'd say the more opinions that get expressed by those who post here, the better. Posts on who has been standing out have been made in various threads in this forum, and I thank those for posting their thoughts on training camp for doing so. But it would be good to have posts on who has been standing out in one thread, and that's why I consider this thread a good idea.

And training camp reports would be great to see here as well. You may recall an individual here known as Freeagent posted excellent reports here each day of training camp last year. You can click here, here, or here for a few examples of these reports. Or you could use the search feature here to search for posts by Freeagent. And you'll see that anything close to being as good as those reports would be great to see here.