Who's Second Best?

Just saw a clip of the panel discussing this. After Winnipeg, who's #2? Calgary, BC, Toronto, and even Saskatchewan get mentions.

My vote goes to Calgary now that Maier is the starter. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Saskatchewan go on a decent run down the stretch to challenge them.

But . . . of course, as soon as Rourke is back, then BC should be #2.


I would go with Calgary too. I found they reached the second gear after giving the reins to Meier.

Will agree getting Rourke back will put BC back in the conversation but not too sure if he will be back in time to make a difference

I think there's Winnipeg at the top, Calgary second, and everyone else. The Riders are very up and down, so are the Argos, and the Lions have QB issues.

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Easy. Calgary. The rest are .500 clubs or worse. BC is a huge question mark, Toronto hasn’t beaten anyone of significance, Sasketchewan and Montreal are wildly schizophrenic.

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Calgary... But that can always change. As Troy Aikman said recently, "you can't win without a quarterback."

We'll get a much clearer picture on Saturday as to whether BC has a quarterback. Sask is still in the hunt.

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