Who's responsible?

Time and time this team has had it's chance and opportunity to move forward only to completely self destruct.

Is this team trying to lose? Is someone trying to sabotage any chance of winning? Is this some sort of tax write off that only pays off when they lose?

Who makes these bonehead decisions that totally blow this teams chances of winning...such as..

Keeping Woodard?

Failing to use plays that have shown to work earlier in the game, such as the quick hits across the middle.

Failing to tell the secondary that they're allowed to go after the passes, perhaps even intercept them. Instead, they're allowed to give the receivers a 5 or 10 yard cushion. Way to play...way to watch that catch!!! Good thing the receiver only got 10 or 15 yards on the play....hate to see them get 20 or 30!!!

My God...I truly feel I could coach this team better....and I know bupkis about the game!!!!

I have been watching this team for close to thirty years and I know I could do a better job than the current crew of stooges we have as "coaches".

I don't even know you guys and I think you could do a better job than these morons.

Raila Odinga he was a minister in Sudan, died in May. He could do a better job.

The Team is...

I have the perfect coach to replace Taffe

Stripes' Bobblehead

And why wasn't Jo Jo playing? He was awesome the last two games...and yet they put Mitchell in? Was the ball ever thrown to him?

OC - Should we go for it?

SB - nod nod nod nod nod

OC - But it's 3 and 9 on our 20... are you sure?

SB - nod nod nod nod nod

OC - Okay, you heard the coach... go for it.

Play executes brilliantly, Cats score

OC - Wow, that was a genius call.

SB - nod nod nod nod nod

You're right, Kellic. It appears he would do a better job.

The person who is ultimately responsible for the conduct of on-field operations for a football team during its games is the head coach. C'est clair.

The issue is not whether this team is capable of competing, even with its readily apparent roster flaws. The issue is whether a developing nucleus of core players for the future is being sabotaged by the coaching staff on a regular basis as to aspects of playcall, clock management, non-accountability re error correstion (especially re ball security), basic preparation, gameplanning and adjustments, and other integral components to game management. I don't think I am far off by simply indicating that the Cats have regularly been outcoached since 2005 began.

The GM/President of Football Operations head buys the groceries to use a Parcellsism. The HC is the guy designated not to poison the lot and whip up recipes that allow the weekly soirees to be a delight for the clientele. To extend the analogy, Marc Trestman is not too shabby this early on in learning northern haute cuisne while Taaffe couldn't navigate a Pop Tart box at this rate.

Can we compete with this roster? All things being equal, on most nights a resounding yes. The rub is the requirement for some forward momentum at this point in the franchise's history precludes one from ignoring the central matter that impacts on any "rebuilding." That is that there is NO clear evolution in the coaching staff's (read Taaffe's) capacity to instill consistency in execution in the simplest of things, like the inability to gain five feet when you're gashing the opponent for 200+ yards on the ground on the night. There is little imagination or cunning at play here.

When will the "oh well" mentality be addressed? Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,

The talent upgrade from last year is obvious. Still some glaring holes, but we have more talent than we've had in several years. We've also really cut down on dumb penalties. But there is no question that we've been outcoached year after year. Last night we had a 2 point lead, possession of the ball near mid field and a chance to pound away with two still fresh running backs. First down call? A Casey Printer's pass drilled into the turf followed by another incompletion. Two and out and our D trots back on the field. It's not brain surgery. Charlie and his team just don't get it. The only question our GM needs to think about is when is the best time to clean house on the sidelines? Either way, as a fan, its hard to continue to invest time and money watching this nonsense, especially when we know that the entire coaching staff is as good as gone, and given player movement in the CFL, likely 30-40% of the roster as well. Last year after Labour Day I watched the occasional game, but stopped paying attention to the schedule when it came to booking social events etc. It'll be the same this year. This gang is intriguing, but not worth a concerted effort to watch. Oh, if I was still living in town, I'd make my way out to the game. At least there you can yell and scream and watch the cheerleaders. But who needs another 2 months of TSN analysts telling us what's wrong with our team...

I must have watched a different game - I thought they played great. The Argos were on fire last night and they really wanted this game. Our Defense did a great job of slowing down Joseph.

We were inches from winning it or tying it at least. It was a tough decision for Taafe on 3rd down, if you try the FG on 3rd down and misses they would have said "why didn't he go for it". He did the right thing - give the ball to your big full back, the blocking just wasn't there.

Now get over it, beat BC on Saturday - Toronto goes into Montreal and we're right back in it.

dude there were 43 seconds on the clock. a FG was not an option. The ball should have gone to caully or Lumsden or put Richie in for the sneak. The D gave up the long ball all game. They looked nothing like the inspired team that smoked them a few weeks back. The coaches are the reason this team stinks. They have to go.

The coaching is brutal, no imagination what so ever on either side of the ball, especially on offence though. We need to throw the ball deep more, Kenny Wheaton at safety? what does he run, a 4.7 or a 4.8? the deep ball was there, it just wasn't tried. This coaching staff needs to go, just not this week because it's only 4 days till our next game, but soon however, if we lose this game against BC the season is done.