Who's planing on getting season tickets?

Me and my friend got ours two weeks ago. As of today they have over 9,000 reservations for season tickets sold. A friend of mine and a member of the Facebook group "RedBlack Nation" Has 50 we are all planing on getting them in the same section together so we can organize chants through the RedBlack Nation group. If anyone is interested let me know and I can give you more details. :smiley:

Here's one Chant our group will get going. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNte0i1h5EU

Looks like everyone here are all talk and no action towards supporting our RedBlacks.

Or maybe some of us reserved our tickets more than five years ago now, so are no longer "planning" on doing so.

When did you get yours?

You were probably contacted as a former Renegades season ticket holder then. My buddy and I got ours when they first started selling the $25 reservations. Are PRN # is in the low 1,200's. What side do you think you'll be sitting on? I'm in with a group of 50 other season ticket holders that plan on sitting in the same area. We will be voting on where we will be once they show us the seating plans.

i live in London. hard to support the team by buying tickets more than maybe once a year.

I bought them when they announced the team in 2008, though I have no idea what my PRN# is anymore. I wrote to the team recently to change my e-mail address and they confirmed that they had, so evidently they're able to find me.

I'm not sure where I'll sit yet. Similar to you, it may depend on what some of my friends do. Previously, we were seven rows up in section MM in the south upper deck and we loved it there. Might see about how feasible it is to get that spot again.

By the way, for those who missed, the team is now saying that they have about 9000 reservations. :thup:

I’m thinking they will come close to 15,000 by the time they start playing.

Up to 10,000 reservations and still a year away.

The REDBLACKS have a radio show, glad they are talking football again.

[url=http://proxy.autopod.ca/podcasts/chum/197/15256/rb%20show.mp3]http://proxy.autopod.ca/podcasts/chum/1 ... 20show.mp3[/url]

Well, some of those who DID take the plunge have been rewarded with free tickets to Carleton Raven's first-ever game. After the first $500, tickets are $9, down from $18. Nice reward. :thup:

I just confirmed yesterday that my PRN is #251. I put $50 down for 2 seats back in March, 2008. I’m hoping to get a couple of choice seats!! :rockin:

and whom do you pledge allegiance when the Argos play the RedBlacks in Ottawa HF?

I will have to cheer for the REDBLACKS. No question.

Put our seat deposit down in May of this year when I moved to Ottawa. PRN somewhere in the 1200 I think (or 1900, my wife knows)

Looking on seating in the loudest section so I can lose my voice 9/10 home games a year.

I paid my $50 back in 2008, but now I don't live in Ottawa anymore. Hopefully we can get to a few games over the summer.

Let's keep bumping some of these topics to stop the trolls!!

Well, selected and paid for mine today. Front row, uppder deck, baby!

They have a great set up and a very professional crew working the whole deal. My group had to make some changes to their payment methods, one guy showed later than the others...None of that was a problem. They had the answer to everything and were very accommodating. A very welcomed change from the Renegades' "service" of the past.

Sounds great! I'm their on Friday next week... Any new REDBLACKS merchandise at the Preview Centre?

A bit more selection, yes, but you can tell there's plenty more to come.