Who's out if Richardson in?

According to RDS, Jamel Richardson could return to line-up against Tiger-Cats; he was practising with 1st team unit today.

Who will be out? Since he is a receiver one of the option would be to release/put on injured a WR/SB, either S.J. Green or Andrew Hawkins. I doubt that it will be the option. I think that the option will be either to transfer to injured or practice 1 of the 3 import players not dressed last Saturday,i.e. De'Andre Dix,Skip Seagraves and Brandon Whitaker; forget Whitaker. It will be between Dix and Seagraves,my choice being Dix. If so,Green or Hawkins will not dress; I say Hawkins,since they should dress Green,in case Richardson is hurt during the game.

We will know more tomorrow,since the 46 active roster/players will be known.


That's what you call depth...

As much of a great job he did in 2007, I don’t know why we are keeping Seagraves on the payroll ?

I just hope it’s not because of “politics” with Jim (he went to the Citadel (IIRC) with Skip’s dad)…that’s what he (Al) told me in 2007 when he was in MTL at 1 of the practise (sunday) before day game (monday).

I doubt if Seagraves is being kept strictly for the Popp connection, but you know what …the way Popp has built this team I will allow him his quirks.
Seagraves is versatile and offers good insurance should one of the regular O linemen go down. There are some promising rookies, but no Mudge or Fritz.
B.C. yesterday signed OT Chris Rutledge who was a late Training Camp cut by the Als.

Yes, the Lions are struggling on the O-line............they sure seem to miss Murphy.

That said, Murphy has been little short of dreadful in Toronto.......Stevie Baggs owned him in game 2, and Odell Willis did the same in game 3...................

It is always a big risk for a succesful linesman to change team. Murphy’s situation demonstrates that.

I know it will never happen, but if I had my druthers, I’d keep Green dressed and scratch Bratton. Everyone on the Als seems very high on Bratton but I have yet to figure out why. IMO he’s one of those Thyron Anderson / Kwame Cavil types who looks good playing behind 3-4 good receivers, but who isn’t going to be a go-to guy when the heat’s on him. He’s not particularly big and strong, he doesn’t have blazing speed, and he doesn’t pile up lots of YAC yards. Green IMO has a lot more upside.

It is an investment. Two years ago Bratton use to turn over the ball, Last week Green turned over the ball. There is a development and an "earning" philosophy in Montreal. That IMO is why they keep winning no matter who dresses. They develop their guys properly. Probably also the reason why guys are loyal, they know that if they invest themselves they will get a fair shot.

A gree he makes bad reads tyhat let AC hang, so far this season he did it twice, mindf you he helps on ST.

I believe Bratten is a known commodity. SJ Green has looked good although he did miss on one pass. I would give Green another start so his merits can be again evaluated and the coaches can further decide who wins this spot.

But isn't that what training camps are for?

Not sure which instances you're talking about concerning Green, but I do remember Bratton making a bad read in the end zone that almost resulted in a pick during the Calgary game.

IMO it’s unfair to hold the turnover against Green when both our marquee receivers — Watkins and Cahoon — also committed turnovers in the same game. Bratton didn’t fumble the ball but he dropped some easy passes because he heard footsteps and wasn’t willing to pay the physical price to make the catch. Like I said, he isn’t particularly good at any one thing. He’s not a speedster, therefore not a deep threat; he isn’t particularly big, nor does he have sticky fingers, so he’s not an ideal possession receiver; and he doesn’t make plays after catching the ball, so he’s not a YAC guy. Green is young and raw but is a bigger body with more athleticism.

I'm not holding it against him. I'm quite impressed with him, just pointing out that it is the first time that he's getting responsabilites on the offense, there will be growing pains. Without seeing practices it's hard to rate how players should rank on the dept chart...

What do you think i am talking about? the subject was Green over Bratton, i agree that Green should be taken over Bratton, since Bratton makes bad routes or choices reading the D leading to bad passes by AC, he cuts in when he should go out and a number like these.

La réponse se trouve ici: http://fr.montrealalouettes.com/uploads ... 4vsHAM.pdf

Andrew Woodruff is out,as per Depth Chart. The 46 active players consist of: 26 imports and 20 non-imports.

4 imports will not dressed; most definitively Seagraves,Dix,Whitaker and 1 amongst Bratton,Hawkins and Green. Your guess is as good as mine; I say Hawkins." La réponse à 18h30 demain."


Makes sense

Would it be possible to provide the link you just did for all games.
As someone who likes to print out the Depth Charts, this is much more user friendly than the current one on the website and is what we had in previous years.


The 4 imports not playing/dressed are: Dix,Hawkins,Seagraves and Whitaker.


I'm glad to see Bratton step up. He showed me something tonight on that TD that I hadn't yet seen from him: the desire to go that extra mile to make the play.