Who's our punter?

We traded Jamie Boreham to TO in the trade to get the 1st pick. Do we have anyone on our roster other than Luca who is an actual punter. I am still not sold on the idea that Luca should be our punter as well as our place-kicker.

We have Louie Sakoda from the US he kicked for us last year after Boreham got hurt. He was pretty good. We also have Ryan Elaschuk a CDN who played for the Edmonton Wildcats. We brought him in the same time as Sakoda.

Sakoda was VERY good for us last year, and was also quite good in the Grey Cup kicking us out of bad field position a few times. The worry is that as an import player we might lose him to the NFL if he keeps his play up, but he's a huge upgrade on Boreham in the kicking department. I'll miss Boreham's hustle and downfield tackles that he made, but from a purely punting perspective, he wasn't going to make this team.

Sakoda might be better at punting, but I think that Boreham was better on kickoffs. Sakoda would line drive the ball, and rarely hit the endzone from what I remember whereas Boreham would put nice ark on the ball and give enough time for the defenders to get down the field. I still like the move considering Borehams injury at the end of last season.

Thanks for refreshing my memory. I had completely forgotten about Sakoda.

Since Hilltop Bodnar was not drafted, he can be invited as a non-roster player to TC, similar to what we did with Neal Hughes and Stu Foord. Bodnar could be our new punter

Sakoda averaged 44.5 yards a punt in the few games he played at the end of the regular season, and 45.5 in the playoffs. I don't think anyone we bring to camp is going to unseat him. Competition is always good though.

what about having sakoda punting, and congi kicking off? Althought I kinda liked the line drive kick offs, it truely does not give our bomb squad enough time to get down field.

Historically, Congi's leg isn't strong enough for kickoffs. Especially into the wind.

re kickoffs...
sakoda into wind
congi with ?

just a thought... also it would make for a great fake if we kept it up from the get go

I'm sure they can dial in a bit more loft to Sakoda's leg during camp.

maybe sign lumsden and convert him to punter. thats the only way he wont get hurt but i could see it now, misses the ball completely, lands on his shoulder and is done.