Who's our next starting QB?

Burris will be with Hamilton next year and maybe the following year.

After that, who will be our QB?

Porter is now at the point where he is better served as a back up plus in 2 years he will be in his 30s.

Is Lefevour the guy? He can't even get time in a 51-8 blowout, so I don't know but the back ups we have had haven't really lit up the rest of the league (Tafralis, Chang, etc)

Are we going to wait for Kellen Moore, who is on our negotiation list?

We have never really developed a QB who has lasted 10+ years.

BC has Lulay, who will be 29 at the end of September, still has another 10 years at the top of the league and he's already taken them to the Grey Cup and has an MOP trophy on his shelf.

To think that we could have had Ray the last 2 offseasons and could have bridged a 5-8 year gap until our next great QB arrives here.

As the late George Allen used to say: "The future is now". Worry/think about the upcoming game/the actual season.


The teams with good young starting QBs are also the teams that have invested time and energy and patience in developing those players (Tate, Lulay, Durant). The problem in Hamilton since McManus left is that the organization is looking for an easy quick fix instead of grooming a prospect and sticking with him even when he struggles early. What if BC had dumped Lulay after his much-less-than-stellar 2010 season?

The baseball formula doesn't always work as well in a much more team sport like football, in most cases I would say.

In a page pulled from the crappy movie "Heaven Can Wait", it's going to be Bob Young. :stuck_out_tongue:

Porter is now at the point where he is better served as a back up plus in 2 years he will be in his 30s
Porter will be 30 in 3 months.

I hope not.

I'm excited to see LeFevour get a shot, though it likely shouldn't be until next year at the earliest. There were games with Central Michigan where he ran the ball 30+ times and was taking on linebackers and safeties throughout.

Porter still deserves one more shot, IMO.

If you figure that Lulay has another 10 years in the league because of his age, it follows that Porter should have the same amount of time, not that I'm comparing him to Lulay. I thinke Porter should be given more time at he helm and if he continues to fall flat, [b]then[b] a decision should be made.

I like LeFevour when he did have some game time and given the way the seaon's going, should get more. We have to see what these guys can do under fire to fully evaluate them. As many fans in this forum have pointed out, it takes time to develope a good QB.

Someone in this forum mentioned Tajh Boyd from Clemson College as a QB on our negotiation list. I watched him play for half a game recently against Florida State, and he looked good. Strong arm, good runner, but that's a long way down the road.

I agree we should not try to buy outselves a used QB for the short term. disciplineandpunish makes a good point.

I believe West Virginia's Heisman contender Geno Smith and South Florida's B.J. Daniels are also on our list.

Smith beat Boyd & Clemson 70-33 in this past January's Orange Bowl.

LeFevour actually showed some decent potential in the pre-season game. He looked confident and made quick decisions. But Cortez isn’t going to pull Burris to give Lefevour some play time because we’re mostly trailing in the 4th quarters. :frowning:

I'll be highly disappointed if LeFevour isn't groomed to be the future of this team.

Thanks, didn't know that!

But he didn't pull Burris in the Edmonton game when we had a huge lead either. If he's not going to replace the starting QB when we have a huge lead or when we're trailing badly, when would he ever replace him? I suspect neither Porter nor Lefevour will see the field at all this year, except when we have 3rd and half an inch to go.

Cortez didn't pull Burris with a big lead in the Edmonton game because he wanted Henry to receive the full effect of the victory. Henry had been under fire & extreme scrutiny for the 5 weeks prior. I noticed from my seats late in that game that even Henry himself thought Porter or LeFevour would be going in to mop it up. But Cortez put his hand on his shoulder and i could almost read his lips; "This is all yours. Go finish it up. You deserve this." I thought it was a classy move actually. Much like the way Milanovitch challenged the TD play for his RB Kackert in the labour day rematch. That play, the one where Kackert dove for the end zone pilon ... Meant nothing game wise ... They would've punched it in anyways ... But meant everything between a coach & player. Same thing happened with Burris in the Edmonton game.

I'd give Henry the first half versus Montreal this Friday. If he's in Bad Hank Mode, then Cortez has to make the switch to see if Quinton can get the offence going. Quite frankly, if Hamilton doesn't play well against the Als, the season switches from playoff push to talent evaluation.

As far as neg list QB's, Boyd @ Clemson did look good in the 1st half versus Florida State this past Saturday. Not so much in the 2nd half when FSU turned up the heat defensively. Geno Smith looks pretty good as well. Both are long shots and projects at best. If the season is done, its time to see if QP is the guy and/or if LeFevour is the quarterback of the future.

8) The TiCat scouting staff has been the worst in the CFL, as far as signing good young QB's out of US College's, who
   could step in and be a number 1 QB after a year or two of seasoning.

   I think the last great QB that we signed out of college to become a star in Hamilton was Chuck Ealey in 1972.

    Most of the recent QB's who had sucess in Hamilton were either free agent signings, like Danny Mac and Mike Kerrigan,
    or players we obtained in trades such as Tom Clements and Dieter Brock.

     We have had so many disaster QB signings over the years such as Jim McMillan, Billy Dicken, Eddie Smith, Don 
      McPherson, Timm Rosenbach and the list goes on and on.

      The Cats make a big splash about their number 2 or 3 QB as being the future of the franchise, only to release those
       same players, once they realize they are completely incapable of being a starter in this league !!

        Our QB scouting system is simply pathetic, to put it bluntly !!

While I agree in principle that the TiCats have not been great in developing quarterbacks, I'm not 100% sure it has to do with scouting. I would say it has everything to do with management & coaching upheaval in Hamilton.

I ask this ... What teams have brought in a young quarterback and developed them into an elite pivot? Montreal ... No. Toronto ... No. Winnipeg ... No. All their QB's came from other teams. Saskatchewan has developed Durant but question is if he's elite. Calgary ... Jury is still out. Edmonton ... No ... Unless you consider the Ricky Ray era. BC ... I guess yes. And I think that has everything to do with continuity in management & coaching in Buono. So 1 out of 8. Not necessarily an indictment against Hamilton's scouting & development.

If you go back further ... There are very, very, very few examples of an elite quarterback being scouted, signed, developed by one team and having achieved that elite success by that same team. You have to go back to Calgary in the Garcia, Dickenson days sitting behind Flutie or the Edmonton days of Dunnigan, Allen & Ham sitting. What do these all have in common ... Stability & continuity in the front office and coaching ranks.

CFL ... Seems to stand for ... Change the Friggin' Lineup!

Also ... Research has shown that it takes +3 years on average for a QB to become seasoned. That's a long time in the revolving door that is Hamilton Tiger Cats Football.

Most QB's in this league ... good, bad, ugly ... are FA signings or trades. Just the nature of the game.

HMMM - 3+ years on average. This makes Porter more than average, as it has been what - 5 years now???
Just thinking out loud...

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Porter is overdue! (or past his best before date ... Depending upon what camp you're in!)

Personally, I'd like to see what Quinton could do in this offence. He's a genuine running threat. Adds a better dimension in the zone-read-run-option set. His mobility can hold the corners in their back peddle longer before they turn their hips & run thus allowing guys like Chris Williams & Sam Giguere to get loose downfield. He can spread a defence horizontally making for bigger holes for rb's to run through. The major knock on QP's game has been decision making. But since we're not getting this with Henry, where's the downside? Perhaps Quinton has matured a little & he can see the play & game develop a little slower & clearly. When I saw him in training camp, he definitely was throwing the ball a lot more freely. Not trying to aim it or fit it in. I overheard Danny MacManus say that he looked a lot more comfortable.

Lets face it. Porter was thrown to the wolves ... Trial by fire early in his career. There are lots of QB's in this league, many who are in the HOF, that had very rough starts of their careers. Allen, Brock, Cavillo, Dunigan, ... And that's just the first 4 letters of the alphabet.

The issue with Porter isn't mechanical or technical but rather mental and perceptual. If his primary read isn't there, he does one of two things: takes off with the football or forces the ball where it shouldn't go, the latter resulting usually in an incompletion or a pick. He's got a great set of physical tools but to me isn't much more than a Michael Bishop when it comes to making good pre-snap reads and taking what the defense gives post-snap. Has he matured? It's certainly possible, but less and less likely the older he gets.