Who's older. Ti-Cats or Argos

Toronto Argo ads claim they are the oldest professional football team in North America.

From what I could find, the Hamilton Football Club was formed on Nov. 3, 1869 while the Argos were formed in 1872 or 1873.

I know the Tiger-Cats were formed in 1950, but this was a result of an almalgamation between the Hamilton Football Club Tigers and the Hamilton Wildcats.

So who is older?

you answered your own question as a team the argos are older but football has been in hamilton longer

It depends whether you consider the Tigers to be the same club as the Tiger-Cats. The present ownership certainly does, laying claim to 15 Grey Cup championships and even 1 from the Alerts who I don't think have anything to do with the Wilcats or Tigers.

The "Argonauts" as an entity have been around longer than the "Tiger-Cats". What I question is the term "Professional Football Team". Pretty sure more than half the years claimed were played as "Amateurs" or are they admitting that they broke the rules even that far back.