Who's Number ______?

A question that will be common among fans, media, and maybe even coaches with all the new faces in town as camp opens.

The 10 announced May signeees have all be given numbers, now listed on the roster:
Forcier 16, Sedrick Harris 18, Wilkins 20, Clem Johnson 22, Galatas 71, Richarson 72, Murphy 74, Bartel 76, Joe Collins 86, Drummond 95

And, there are a few who've changed their numbers:

LS Kevin Scott has switched from 30 to 54
LB Alex Joseph, signed in April, was listed as 54 and is now #40
DE Jada Brown,, signed in April, was listed as 72 and is now #96
DL Ronnell Brown, signed in April, was listed as 73 and is now #93

So now, the day before the first Rookie Camp practice, there are 72 on the Roster, not including the five signed, but unannounced (Abuhoff, Boudreaux, Buckner, Henderson, Ray)


We still have at least one more signing to announce, that being a third rookie quarterback.

Don't we already have three? Fanuzzi, Harris, Forcier.

Was Fanuzzi on the roster before? Just yesterday George Cortez said they still had to announce the third guy.

Signed today, actually. You're forgiven. :wink:

Today's 3 new signees -- IMP OL Brandon Braxton #61, IMP RB Alex Henderson #30, and the IMP QB Nick Fanuzzi #17.

Let me be the first to say that Fanuzzi looks like a Porter clone -- Similar size and similar play -- one quick look and run.
Advantage Fanuzzi -- 6 years younger.

Forgot to add the video link for my comment above:


Don't forget that Dee Webb has changed from number 18 to number 5.

Also during the off-season Maveety changed from 13 to 6, Jeffers-Harris took 13 giving up 86, which has now gone to newcomer Joe Collins. Milt Collins took 14, when Bo Smith switched to 2, and Collins' former 31 is now on newcomer Marcus Walker. And, Marcel Young left 37, now worn by newcomer Justin Boddie, in favour of his new 23.

Ottawacat, I think all these changes are a conspiracy between management and the players to increase program and jersey sales....LOL

I think you're on to it, old fan.
Maybe when it comes to #94, they could do a deal -- If you buy one, you get the second at half price -- now that there are two of them -- McElveen has been assigned the number already being worn by Fortin.

Now the double 94’s has been eliminated with Fortin switching to #51. Is that just to clear up the duplication or is it an indication that he’s being looked at for the O-ther line?

I saw him working with the defense yesterday, so I don't think he's switching positions.