Who's Next?

Brought up in anouther thread, thought it deserved it's own with the coaching / GM change

Tino Sunsackme was released today

Kid's got the arm, and the ability, and the athletic ability...he just can't put it all together.

Not shocking in any way. As I said it was pretty obvious the team quit playing for him and Cory so how could he possibly stay? He was as I said the elephant in the room that no one wanted to mention. I feel bad for Tino as it was the pulling of Smith and putting him in that was the last straw and it was a plain as the nose on your face. Fans saw it players saw it and obviously so did management. What a spot for Tino to be put in and known for, the man that put the final nail in the coaches coffin. I mean if Tino had pulled off the miracle and actually lead the team to victory do you think Cory would have been sacked? I highly doubt it. Yes fans would have been ticked that Smith was pulled but they would have gotten over that with the win. Management would say it was a bold move by Cory and in fact so would the press but unfortunately for Tino and Cory and Taman that never happened, instead it was a qb with little confidence or team support in this game that got thrown to the lions and man did they ever feast on him. Yes a banged up O line certainly didn't help but to watch him get hammered again and again was actually a sad thing to see.
I hope I'm wrong but I think this is the last time you will ever see him play pro ball again. Good luck Tino where ever you go and whatever you decide to do. It wasn't from a lack of effort, just a lack of results, and in sports we all know that is all that really matters.

Who made the decision to release Sunseri. I agree with his release but it seems a quick decision for Dyce to make having been the special teams guy for so long. Was it Chappy?

It was the writing on the wall Tino was no value to the new regime and you can't get sacked 10 or more times times a game and not expect to be released. He has no foot speed and Sims and Price do. Smith should be the person going forward for this team. Even if Glenn returns what good does it do for the future of the Riders?

I see a lot of non-injured hiding on the 6-game that could use some trimming of the fat.

Dyce has seen Sunseri for the last 3 years. He probably has a better idea as to what Tino can do than Chappy does.

A GM would not have to have watched a CFL game in their life. All they would have to do is move to town, see fan reaction, open the newspaper and listen to a sports radio show or 2 and know it was one of the first things they had to do. Pretty sure Dyce/Oday/JC had a 5 minute conversation about it first though. Topics in that:

  • can you dress Price? Yes, he dressed last year and has several practices in.
  • Can you dress Simms? Yes, the team reacts EXTREMELY well to him in practice and he has been doing well. Time to carry a clipboard
  • Will Glenn be back soon? Yes. 2 weeks
  • do you want to carry 5 QBs plus DD? No. Smith has shown he can at minimum be a competent backup. The other guys are further development until otherwise noted.
  • lets see if Kevin Glenn will be willing to be our QBs coach ?

I think Glenn would make an excellent QB coach, he seems to have more football smarts than Doubles (who seems to like to get into his own head).

our young guys NEED a QB coach to help develop their skills and I believe that the best that they can get is Kevin.

Glenn desires to play 1 more year...or did pre injury anyways

that's fair if he still wants to play as in the next 2 games hopefully that we will be back in the playoff hunt and if not then Glenn becomes expendable as we will be in rebuilding mode for next year.
that is why I suggest that we look at employing Glenn as our QBs coach because to further their development they need a dedicated QB coach.

Playoffs? You see this team going a 8-1? Guess it is not impossible
As far as becoming a QB coach:
1 - He wants to play
2 - they can't this season w/o counting the last 7 or 8 games against Cap...he is a vet.

well then Glenn gets moved, as we need to develop Smith.
who is in the market ?
as to his value ?
hopefully a first round draft pic and possibly a 3rd as well ?
if no takers then ?

It's been mentioned time and time again that Glenn costs us very little to play second fiddle. His contract is heavily based on game performance. Is anyone desperate enough to pick Glenn if offered? BC, Winnipeg, and Ottawa are unlikely to bite, Montreal is probably the only one that would possibly look at him but haven't shown any interest in him in the past under Popp.

I doubt we would see anyone offering anything close to a first round pick for Glenn. Especially coming off an arm injury, 1/2 the season over and only on contract for this season.

No big names should be dumped unless Dyce says that he just can't use a certain guy.

O'Day is INTERIM. He should not be doing ANYTHING major to shape the roster, just maintaining the day-to-day stuff like the injured lists. He should not be dealing assets or draft picks, at least nothing in the first 3 or 4 rounds. Leave it for whoever the new guy is.

Agreed. Yes he may be auditioning for the permanent spot but until they out right name him the HC for the foreseeable future(not meaning this season) then don't rock the boat too much.

Players are not doubt a bit nervous about the whole situation as it is. Start dumping big names and things could really get ugly. As I said before realistically use this time as preseason and get more of the guys onto games that have sat all season. No point having them hang around if they are a bust and at the same time maybe some guys will really shine if given the opportunity. No way to know though if they never see real game action.

If you can get value for Kevin Glenn...........2nd round draft or higher...............or starting player..............do it.

I am not sure if he signed for 1 yr or 2???? If he signed for one yr that will limit the ability to get great trade value?

If he is signed for 2.............you have options. Keep him around but be very careful because the team mandate right now is rebuild and your 2nd stringer needs to become B. Smith. Glenn as a coach has some merit to it.

I actually suspected the Riders would act quick and hire a QB coach???? But maybe they don't have to since they have Glenn. But as Glenn gets healthy he'll be totally focused on playing not coaching.

The defense..............this could get dumped on its head. Quick now has free reign to do what he wants without CC over-riding. Moves to make:

  1. Macho gone to PR
  2. Push Maze...........love him but he has not been impact at all. His age as speed DB is pushing the limit and we are rebuild mode.
  3. Antarius ????? is sitting on PR............let's see him.
  4. We truly need DE's around to push the guys. Chick is like Maze........age won't fit into the rebuild. Although he is playing well and I love Chick. If he is around in 2016 and 2017 I won't argue. Hall on the other hand.......I think I am 50/50 on him...........we have loads of import DT's but get some rookie DE's trained up.
  5. George..........play Walker and White. See what White can do as he's been around 1.5 yrs. In a hurry he stays or goes.
  6. Where has Ryan Smith gone..............totally a non factor in the last 2-3 games?????????? Get him involved.

You'll see a lot of changes...............but they will be slow and week to week. But things will get re-tooled.

Glenn signed for 2 seasons

Agreed on the D stuff. I will add that they will likely be finding a spot for MacDougall (Safety likely) and looking to have Connop/Tenant in less. The line is then instantly improved, which also solves some secondary woes in itself. I think we might see some Shefield...should know today

Well I guess Kory Williams is gone. Brought in, Davis 6’3" 225 receiver, Mason,another qb? God know why cant get a look at Price. Spann,another Rb 5’8’ 201. And a LB Willard, 6’1’ 231 Spent time with the Titans in 2013.

No big splashes made as far as name brand players though. O’Donnel is back with the Esks.