Who's next

Now that Kavis is out, who will be the next coach in Edmonton.

Dave Dickinson
Rick Cambell
Those are my 3 picks I hope laPolice gets it I'm tired of hiring rookie coaches

I think Dickinson is a good choice but I like Craig Dickinson.

What about Tom Higgins? Did he not win a Grey Cup in Edmonton before Machocia?

Recycle a previous Coach?

Cannot believe Lapolice is not already employed by a team. He was handcuffed by an idiot GM in Winnipeg a short while after leading them to a Grey Cup appearance, and the team has regressed since he was let go. Edmonton needs to hire this guy asap. Dickenson would be great, but he`s reportedly happy where he is right now

I wouldn't mind LaPolice coaching here, or Dickenson, if only there was a way to lure him here. We need someone who isnt a complete idiot at OC and bring back Nelson for DC. Like christ, is the requirement for a GM in Edmonton to break things that aren't broke? I don't like the idea of a defensive minded coach at the HC position, or else Chris Jones would be awesome. As long as we get someone who can make the players respect them and not take idiot penalties and not have a complete meltdown in time management positions in a game.

Yeah Lapo really was at a disadvantage from the beginning with a QB that hardly played and when he did was not the elite QB they thought he would be.
On the other hand Reilly is that guy that is ready to begin to make his way to the elite level

Well even though i said having Chris Jones isnt desirable cause he was a DC, hes still a great coach, hopefully better than Hall was. (only reason for going against Jones in my previous comment is DC's seem to have a harder time adjusting to HC's). Great pick regardless now. Hopefully we can hire a prestigious OC then. Chapdelaine didnt work here before, and was fired from BC... Not sure if theyll consider him or not. Dickenson is staying in Calgary. Who does that leave? Is LaPolice any good as an OC?

It works both ways. In Regina grabbing Cortez this season with Chamblain as HC made a hug difference form '12 to '13.
Milanovich and Jones had a deal before Milanovich got the Job in Toronto.
What Makes Jones different is that he already has been a one man player personnal department throughout his career. He knows talent, he knows where to find it and how to find it.
He will, however as has been said, need to find a quality OC for sure

I shared the same reservations as you did. However, when Jones first came up to Canada, he respected the Canadian game and took the time to learn it and tailor his defensive schemes accordingly. I think he will be smart enough to hire an experienced OC, and let them run things their own way. (No Chapdelaine though please)

I would venture to guess that Jones has been prepared for this moment. Similar to when Milanovich got the Toronto Job he knew who he needed to run the defense while he did the offense. Jones probably has his guy ( friend ) in mindit would just be a matter of getting him away from where ever he may be currently coaching.

The more I read your posts and think about it with him in Toronto and such, and seeing his hiring interview, the more comfortable I am now with him as our HC. He seems legitimately driven (not fake like Kavis… example, with his “punishments”). Jones looks like hes going to instill responsibility in the players and expect the best. Hearing from one of the earlier posts in which he was a one man crew to finding talent and such eases the thought to whether he is the right fit. We should have a top 3 defense next year despite how young it is.

Excited (i think) to see who our OC will be. If I see more 3 yard pass plays and stupid shotgun draws all the time, ill crap my pants. Lets get our QB under center, use play action, guard pulls, get a fullback in there sometimes with 3-4 receivers spread out and run the ball successfully with a good threat of pass as well. Its more NFL style, but you mix that in with the shotgun, you keep the defense honest. id say Shotgun 60% and i-formation/single back 40%. How hard is that to implement? We have a speed back, single back is perfect for streches, pulls, play action, bring receivers on crack blocks, etc. You get a multi-dimensional offense, along with other formations and you can mask your predictability (which we have been for the past 7 years at least). Is it just me? Are these wild and completely out to lunch thoughts for the CFL? :slight_smile:

You are right on for SURE

Ill send in an application for OC :lol: :roll:

After spending 2 season in Toronto Jones would know if Jason Mass would be ready to return home to Edmonton as the OC.
Reilly has all of the skills that would be needed if the ESKS and Maas were ready to install the CFL version of the west coast offence. The quick reads and Check downs would get the ball out fast and keep Reilly from having to run for his life so much.
They will need to find a great blocking RB to make it work I think they just extended Charles and I am not sure he is that guy.

I remember watching White put some DT's and DE's on their butts multiple times last season, Id imagine hed rotate in with Charles to pass protect, he packed a wallop

That could be the plan for sure if the west coast offense came to be