Who's next up if Bombers can O'Shea

O’Shea has really seemed to regress. Not just as a .474 career percentage head coach but as a poor recruiter of assistant coaches.

No synchronicity of purpose on bombers - lots of guys fretting away about their own personal tasks & details but you obviously need far more than that.

Here’s my list of guys I’m aware of in CFL. Not all would be considered by bomber board - if someone wears the wrong cologne I’m sure there’s people in Winnipeg who’d be offended:

  1. Devon Claybrooks - now an assistant in calgary
  2. Paul LaPolice - current OC in Wpg., highest paid in CFL
  3. Noel Thorpe
  4. Khari Jones
  5. Buck Pierce
  6. Marc Trestman (suspect he wouldn’t want to play under Wade Miller)
  7. Kent Austin (will he return to coaching?)
  8. Dave Dick’s brother the ski-instructor
  9. Matt Dunigan
  10. AC Calvillo
  11. Rick Campbell (if available)

I almost don’t care anymore as long as it isn’t Calvillo. I don’t get why everyone thinks he’s a god. IMO he’d be a step backward from MOS, maybe more.
Dunigan would be my pick. He needs another chance.

Like his playing career, Calvillo is a slow-starter. He's probably not ready to head coach in the CFL. He'd be OK with a strong team like Calgary but with a group of mediocre mopes - he'd wash out in no time!

Shoulda placed Cory "Champ" Chamblin on the list. Only problem w/ Champ and Devon Claybrooks is related to bomber history of never hiring head coaches of color.

I think most teams in the CFL can fit into the category of never hiring coaches of colour mainly because there have not been a lot of coaches of colour in any coaching position. Can’t remember any black HCs for Ott, Ham, Edm, Cal. I know Tor had 2. Not sure about Mont. Was Reed ever HC ?.. Sask had what’s his name ? Was he HC ?.. BC had Paopoa if he counts.

It doesn’t seem fair to label the Bombers this way. Best man for the job is how I look at it. Should we be hiring a black HC just to be PC ? Tokenism at it’s finest.

……The coaching search will begin in earnest IF we drop the next one to the cellar dwelling Als…There will be no more excuses…I think we’ll start beating the bushes IF we miss post season action definitely…All scenarios possible at the end of 18…Little or no effort to bring in help after this latest 4 game skid could also have Walters on the ropes…Hall will be gone for sure even IF O’Shea manages to stick…SOOOOOO

Possible replacements…
….I like the idea of giving Claybrooks a shot…his recent diabetes diagnosis shouldn’t hamper him…He certainly has paid his dues and has put together one heck of a defence…He’d have a lot to work with here…The negative would be his undying faith to the Cal. organization

…Thorpe would be another consideration…He has been relatively successful as a coordinator

…What is Scott Milanovitch doing down south lately? …he might be interested if we gave him a call

…Another interesting prospect would be Steinauer a guy who garnered a lot of interest at one time

….IF we clean house and Walters is given the heave ho…I’d like to see Barker brought in as gm…… Just some of my thoughts

Get WAD out of the head office.
A team that’s based on a persistent Trumpian lie (“made a profit on operations again this year”), will accept lies all the way down…

Funny little world - Trump has paid little to no consequence for his nearly 45 year career as a professional liar and multi-level deceiver.

Neither has Wad Miller - where else is a guy like that gonna clock in on a $350,000 job-for-life?

Barker an excellent suggestion to replace Walters, far better USA rolodex; he's politically correct (a bit) so I doubt he'd reveal already putting Miller on his "Don't work for this guy" list.

Funny little world!

Bombers are too cheap to fire anyone with time left on their contract.

MOS will be given the final year of his contract and Walters his last 2 regardless of how the team finishes.

Lapo and Hall will be the sacrificial lambs, but don’t expect any earth moving replacements for them, Buck and Young probably get the job without any sort of due diligence search.

Can’t wait for Walters time to be up so that we can hand the reigns over to someone who is actually qualified.

By the time Gomer Kyle is finished his tenure with the Bombers he might actually be qualified for an assistant GM job in the league!

  • Funny little world

The worst move Walters has made is hiring O’Shea or did they come as a package ? I can’t remember.

The Durant thing is not his fault. DD is scum.
Bowman fooled me too.
Draft picks are not worth getting upset about- trade for one in a few months- big deal.

I disagree on Durant & Bowman.

Durant had been showing consistent signs of deterioration last couple years. Walters took a hi-wire risk, mostly cuz he felt Nichols could shoulder 90%+ of the reps, Durant would serve as a sideline jo-boy who could mentor up 'n coming QBs, etc.

Durant's throwing motion is putrid - aka shot-put style, there's no real modicum of accuracy unless he's throwing to an open field (ie. a Richie Hall defense)

The stuff of Durant inhaling a $75k downstroke and then retiring without so much as attending a camp speaks to his lack of character.

Bowman's decline should have been seen a mile away. Age, too many licks on his body, declining foot speed are the main tells. You don't have to be a CFL GM to work this out.

I'll agree with you on draft picks no matter how much it hurts me to do so. Etienne, Ekakatie, the long locks guy, etc. were awful combo-paks of assessment & stubborness. Pretty obvious bombers rely on CIS/NCAA2 game film; governed too much by fear of drafting studs w/ NFL potential. So how does that account for picking Geoff Gray 6th or 8th?

The awful draft and/or recruiting of difference-making DBs,linebackers, wide receivers bears witness to Walter's mediocrity in personnel. Not to mention game-saving or winning quarterbacks (Willy, Nichols, Hall, etc.)

If Dave Richie was willing to speak publicly he'd call Walters & O'Shea the Sisters of the Poor management team. Wonder what he'd call Wad?

……Pueblo Dropasso….or some such name was the guy with the locks… We took him in the supplemental and the rocks he had for hands were equal to the ones rolling around in Walters head at the time…What a bust

….I think Ritchie would have a few expletives to add to his assessment of Mutt and Jeff right about now…As for Wad…he’d probably say something like 'Wad is hiding something in his pants, besides his wallet, and something doesn’t smell right

……How can you tell I’m down on the organization right now…A win on Fri. won’t even placate me… if we lose…don’t tune into papa

Need new ownership , management, coaches and players. Yep throw this whole organization in the garbage can and start new.

They will lose to Montreal this week and get smacked around in the process.

Got to go as the Jets game is about to start.

Go Jets Go

None of the above. At least wait until we finish the season and then see.

What I posted recently in the general CFL.ca category -

If Manziel can’t suppress the woeful bombers he’ll wash out of the league by year’s end.

The Bombers represent the quintessential ‘Coming Out Party’ for Johnny Football. A loose and often chaotic defense, a hind’s end head coach who’s more stubborn than the average donkey.

Joy in Johnnyville will be inverse to the madness in Bomberville, as the panic buttons are being purchased in vast numbers, pitchforks and nooses soon to follow - if O’Shea/Hall/Plop/Nichols can’t stop the bleeding!

DD was not seen as long term. He was short term insurance. I can’t blame Walters for DD’s immoral behaviour.

Bowman was not too bad the year before in Edm.

Youse pays your money, youse takes your chances. We would be vilifying Walters if he did nothing. I don’t mind losing as long as you are trying.

We need someone here along the lines of Hufnagel. I really wanted him here when he signed in Calgary. Tom Clements can be that guy and if not then Mike Riley. Both know football and how to win.

I agree with Bomber 1 that we should let the management finish this year UNLESS they refuse to try and improve. Then dump them right away. I don’t like fence sitting. Do something.

Is there even a single Canadian on that list?


No Mexicans either.

Sad . . . .

no women either tsk tsk

I am all for playing and hiring MORE Canadians in the CFL. I always speak in favour of it, and also in hockey, but we have not won the Cup in so long that I don’t care if the next coach is from Mars and has 3 eyes.

I would really like to see Tom Clements as the GM and Mike Riley as HC. When Clements retires, Mike moves up. Both these guy have experience in college, NFL and CFL football.