Who's Next to Get Cut Stripes or maybe TC

It's seems that everybody on the Ti Cats is getting released or Cut...Who Knows maybe Stripes or TC might be next...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic...

I vote for the cheeto cat

Sizzle you are only at 22. Naughty naughty. You aren't allowed to have an opinion :slight_smile:

BTW its the boys at Stoney Creek Attic that are next to be cut :lol:

Sizzle, you are to late. Stripes was cut yesterday by someone, TC is on waivers. They have brought in an import mascot “Sam the Slug” from the University of California Santa Cruz “Banana Slugs”

[url=http://www.goslugs.com/graphics/Mascot/banana_slug_mascot_1.jpg]http://www.goslugs.com/graphics/Mascot/ ... scot_1.jpg[/url]

Have we cut the equipment manager yet?

We should cut people on this forum.

Who knows who that might be

That's my second favourite team mascot.

My favourite of course being the Delta State Fighting Okra:


[b]ARGOCONVERT[/b] said:

Sizzle you are only at 22. Naught naughty. You aren't allowed to have an opinion


I still think that administrative assistant to the janitor's cat walker should be cut next - but that would jeapordize his/her career and income - there could be families at risk of losing their home.

The Bassman


I say cut Bassman from these forums. He should go back to the Claypits.