Who's Next on the chopping block

3rd asked me about the next cuts… so whos out? Here’s a fast list.

They have to cut about 15 guys on this list.
Easy ones that are gone:
2 QBs out of these guys (Kent, Roberson, Wiser)
1 FB: Piercy is out
4 OL: Hundeby, Johnson, Volk, Vrantis or Congdon LSers)
1 Kicker: Duval or Duncan… ohh the mystery
3 DT: Cabral, Sutton, Weeks, Anyansi, Nix
2 DB: Ntakuh, Whitley, Chapman, Proulx
2 Receivers: Eckert, Watkins, Wilson or Gillian

RBs… tough call… 1 of these guys has to go… possibly 2!
Lapointe is prob staying although…
Lewis: love his speed
Edwards: love his moves

Matthews have confirm Richard Karikari as starting safety. Proulx is seen as the future. Dorvelus is now training as linebacker.

Yup. Proulx isn’t going anywhere.

I expect Tim Gilligan to stay because neither him nor Watkins really won the position battle, but Gilligan is a decent replacement for punt returns and kick returns, shall the Waterbug be injured.

As for DTs, we’ve GOT to keep that John Nix. He’s a powerhouse. Played really well last week against Ottawa. He could be our first back-up DT and replace Ed Philion next season.

Doesn’t he look like a
psycho-dangerous DT?


As for HB… We want Lewis ! We want Lewis ! How come that guy hasn’t been locked in the starter seat at the end of last season is beyond me. By the way, what ever happened to Autry Denson? Did we just released him? I thought we might have gotten something for him in a trade. Edmonton needs a runner and they have no problems with headcases… they could have been interested.

And concerning QBs, we’ve got to keep Robertson. He’s the only one capable of rushing. I can’t believe he was the Als’ QB of te future last season, and would now be garbage material…

Why did they already release kicker Mike Ray, then ?

Yes, Mike Ray was released.

My question was “Why did they release kicker Mike Ray if they don’t have to cut their 2005 draftees?” They could have kept him as an insurance policy just in case the one they keep between Duncan and Duval goes down with an injury…

You can only keep 7 guys you drafted we drafted 8

In fact, we drafted 9… so this mean another one will get the boot.

Well the position chart on the Als’ website shows some interesting moves.

On offence, Kent and Wiser are no longer listed, so I guess they’ve been released and we go with Calvillo, White, and Roberson.

At running back only Lapointe, Jenkins, and Lewis are listed so I guess Edwards is gone now.

On defense, Folk has shifted over to backup MLD to replace Botteril; Gauthier is still behind Butler. Looks like Malveaux and Crutchfield are locks on the corners so they’ve shifted Whitley over to HB behind Curry.

Interesting findings buddy. How do you explain Roberson being listed above White?

They should have suspended Edwards instead of releasing him, just in case Jenkins wouldn’t be the man we expected…

The way Lapointe talk, Jenkins is already the 2nd RB(no specific order of 1 or 2, its not decided yet). And they also are responsible, for tonight, of their rotation. That i dont like a lot. I would prefer to have a coach to decide but if it work…

Here’s a link if you read french

Suspend Edwards…not a bad idea…may as well follow Paopao and don’t release anybody, just suspend them all!!

I dont’ think it is chiselled in stone just yet that Roberson is ahead of White or vice versa; based on their completion numbers last time out you’d have to say White as 2nd string and Roberson third, but we’ll see what happens in the last exhibition game…also Matthews said that he’s still looking for a 3rd string QB so they may be looking at picking up someone else’s discard (bit of a logjam at backup QB positions in both Winnipeg and Edmonton). And, of course, Stanley Jackson is still available!!!