Who's next in TiCat land?

...first Cotton, then Cheatwood, now Vaughn....house cleaning time in steel town....

…yeah but Ronnie is sticking it out, according to sources :roll:

wheres vaughn going?
any guesses?

i think he still has some game left...he just might decide to hang em up...OR he could end up back in the west.... :roll:

lol TORONTO.... where else!!!!!!!

Yeah, how does he stay alive! :wink: :wink:

I would have thought he'd have been the first to go!

i agree...we can't judge a player from a year in hamilton...lol

he's been a winner in every city hes been in, except ticat-land.

I'm pretty sure TV is smart enough to know when its time to call it a career... and I'd say that time is now.