Who's next for the noose?

An interesting article from the Edmonton Sun. I definitely agree that the coaching staff isn't doing its job, and the fourth quarter stat was pretty interesting. So far we've been outscored 75-24. :roll:

[url=http://www.edmontonsun.com/sports/football/2010/08/07/14952021.html]http://www.edmontonsun.com/sports/footb ... 52021.html[/url]

Here's my idea, tell me if you like it.You guys fire Richie Hall, hire Greg Marshall as HC.We then hire Richie Hall as DC.
I like Greg Marshall but I feel so bad for the guy, he's deserved the job for a long time and Hall is no slouch as a DC.

No sense in firing anyone until a new GM has been hired , Maybe Rick LeLacheur if your in a firing mood, he's the one at the top and maybe the one who is responsible for this big mess.

Although firing DM was the right move, it did sort of put us in an awkward position with the rest of the staff. It really does make more sense to wait until we have a new GM before we do anything with the coaching staff. Unless they’d be willing to make one of the assistants an interim coach.

The only one they could let go would be Strasser but who to replace him with , I think by Monday Chaps could be available .
Wait I think we've been down that road....? :roll:

You could be right oilrocker on your post statement. The Eskimo's continue on this current slide it will be a painfull watch week in and week out leading up to the end of the season. :cry: I just hope they get their act together before/when they play Toronto Sept.26th in Moncton.

[url=http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/football/edmonton-eskimos/Eskimos+have+long+list+potential+general+managers/3377914/story.html]http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/f ... story.html[/url]

How about this for the 2011 Season: Eric Upton replaces R. Lelachuer in the CEO position. New GM: Neil Lumsden

I can't see LeLacheur going. He went to the BOD with a plan to turn the franchise around, and the BOD endorsed it. So I can't see them turning around and firing LeLacheur. I think he'll remain.

What we need to focus on is finding a competent GM, and then letting him put together a competent coaching staff.

Why does it have to be a noose? Firing someone else not only will cause more turmoil but is like saying 'we quit' for the season. It certainly won't have the desired affect of moving the team forward since all it will do is cause more disruption and loss of focus.

Why not try to stabilize things through addition... namely a dedicated DC so that Hall can focus on the overall decision making. As it is, I don't really believe that the team has the ability to make on-the-fly adjustments on defence. If they did, then they would've found ways to stymie the Argos more than they did.

Best comment on the matter yet excellent PRJack ...add a few other opponents to the list of those we failed to stymie that we ought have won even if by slim margin.

The updated league stats show still we have the worst giveaway/takeaway ratio at -8, the worst run defence, and the 2nd most yardage penalised.

We happen to have the most yardage on kickoff returns and best pass defence too.

What the stats don't relay is that we do badly, as with Toronto, on screen passing plays as well that go down as pass yardage but really are defended like running plays.

Even when the passing game offencively and defencively are going well for the most part as well as rushing game on offence, a team will lose most games in any league when in great part it makes such FUNDAMENTAL mistakes to defeat itself.

Of course as I have stated repeatedly before on other threads, I take nothing away having said that for the Argos for that gritty winning drive and the whole game for which Barker's play-calling really took Hall to school in addition to the excellent play by Boyd and good play by Lemon and the Argos offencive line.

Just out of curiosity, how many teams that started 1-5 went on to play in the Grey Cup?

I don't think no team has played in a Grey Cup game starting out with a 1-5 record. Here is some history on how the Eskimo's avoided the Noose: In 1981 the Edmonton Eskimo's completed one of the greatest comebacks in Grey Cup history defeating the Ottawa Rough Riders 26-23 in Montreal. Edmonton down at the half 20-1. Outscored Ottawa 25-3 in the second half with the winning field by Dave Cutler in the last second.
Regular season record: Edmonton 14-1-1, Ottawa 5-11...
Playoffs East; Semi final, Ottawa 20-16 over Montreal. East final, Ottawa 17-13 over Hamilton.
Playoffs West; Semi final, B.C. Lions 15-11 over Winnipeg. West final, Edmonton 22-16 over B.C.

didn’t we get lucky in that game when Tony Gabriel was called for a PI call or someother reason cause he was limping down the Field . Ottawa had to punt and we came back

Now that you mentioned that, I think there was a double interference call with Gabriel and another player on the Esk's leading up to the drama ending of that game.

And that's my point. People may still be hopeful that the Eskimos can turn things around, but I'm more of a realist. The team is 1-5, and we have Cal, Sask, Cal, Cal, Mon. So the chances of this team turning things around are non-existent.

This is why I think we should start focusing on next season. Over the next third of the season we should start evaluating talent and coaches. If people aren't pulling their weight, ditch 'em. Maybe make some trades so we can get some draft picks.

Why wait until the end of the season to start rebuilding this franchise? We all know this season is doomed. Anyone who doesn't is simply burying his head in the sand.

If we fire anyone else, who is out there waiting to come in and take over? Only name I can think of that i'd sign in a heartbeat if he became free (we'll exclude winning coaches of course) is Wally Buono. Despite BC's identical record, i find it hard to believe he's to blame for BC's stumbles on the field this year, and the Esks would have to seriously consider asking Hall to accept a demotion to DC only if Buono somehow fell outta favour with Braley and got canned for their record.

I think a better question would be how many teams that started 1-5 made it to the playoffs. We know that in any given year a dark horse can, and has, upset heavily favoured teams in the playoffs. (see 1989 - as much as that makes me want to vomit)

Wally Buono coming to Edmonton won't happen. For me for that matter, I would like Hufnagel and that definitely isn't going to happen. Actually, I'm O.K. with Hall the more I read and study him. I'm not happen with the play book, but I think we''ll see some different schemes against Calgary.

I don't know if Buono would get fired. I think he'd probably step down as HC and focus on being GM.

I'm thinking the same thing. Will they make that change during the season though?

On another note, an excellent name for a new GM came up over at esksfans.com ... Bruce Lemerman. Now before you think that this is just another 'bring back one of our old players' moves, note that BL has several years of working in management /player personnel positions (including a stint in the NFL). Add to that, BL was part of the 'reconstruction' of the Esks from the late 60s to the early 70s. In fact, he was the QB who helped turn things around after the Esks had gone 1-10. (You want to talk about a team that was painful to watch (or listen to since the games weren't on TV, just on radio) ... shudder... I still have nightmares!)