whos making the drive down the 403 ?

anyone ?

myself and 3 others will be there in the black and gold

I'm making the drive down the 401, from Kingston. See you there.

Nobody blows like the AAAARRRRRGGGOOOOOSSSS!

Ill Be There :slight_smile: my first time being to a cats argos game in t.o never bin the the rogers centre, im bringing my fam so hopfully its a good time :slight_smile: im in the box seats row 19 or 3, lol neways if any of you guys see me feel free to say allo :slight_smile:! ill be wearin plad yellow shorts and my number 21 black cats jersey :slight_smile: ciao~! go cats!

I went last game staying home this time

We have 16 tickets. Cant wait.

group of 6 going down can't wait, crummy weather down this way so I suggest leaving asap so you don't miss kickoff

hopefully going to watch a 25 year old win a million bucks.

very surprised Onkight isn't going since his idol is going to be starting to nite

Yeah...that Wendy's Kick for Million will be a pretty nice perk to going. I'll never forget watching that first guy...Bryan Dealey was it??...booting that ball through. That was pretty cool.

Only problem is that the guy who had a legitimate chance at making a 50-yarder from Ajax got beat out in the semi-finals because the other guy from Edmonton was more consistent on shorter field goals. Can you imagine that, the guy kicked a 50-yard field goal in the semi-finals, but didn't make it to the final tonight!!!Wendy's just gotta love that. Read about it on the TSN website.

The last game I was happy to attend at the Rogers Centre/Sky Dome was in '98 when Joe Montford had like 4 sacks in a game and the Argos gave up more than 50 points. Since then it's been a string of disappointments whenever I've gone.

Also, can we stop hijacking threads and making them about porter/glenn/onknight/whoever wants porter starting?

It's getting tiresome.

Heading down the QEW now ...

Oski Wee Wee ... Eat em' Raw !!

As ALWAYS ... I EAGERLY anticipate the post game banter.


8) Amen to that !!! :wink: