Who's Making it to the Grey Cup?

What are your predictions?

Saskatchewan Vs Toronto

That would be intriguing......I'm an Argo fan, so I'd definitely like that, and Austin would play against his old team......I think Winnipeg makes it though.

Eastern semi-final: Toronto over montreal
Western Semi-Final: Saskatchewan over calgary

Eastern Final: Winnipeg over Toronto
Western Final: B.C over Saskatchewan

Grey Cup: B.C over Winnipeg

In the CFL anyone who makes the playoffs might make it. We reward mediocracy. Basically we play the entire season to eliminate one team. Yes one team, everyone else knows that Hamilton is always out of them.

Calgary will make a strong push down the stretch.

I had Winnipeg to make it but they've looked horrible especially today.

They struggled against Toronto a few weeks ago & basically got out played by Calgary today.

Austin goes back home to Toronto & beats Pinball, its a story book ending.

I wish they'd expand to have Ottawa and an East Coast team in the league. Move Winnipag over to the West, and with 10 teams, at least then 4 teams wouldn't make it.


Riders and Argos if they stay healthy.

An Argo-Cat fan

The Argos need to play better if they're to make it to the Grey Cup.

Calgary adn Winnipeg

Saskatchawan or B.C VS Toronto or Winnipeg

anyone in West but Saskatchawan
Anyone in East but Toronto.