Who's lying? 2

Higgins says he took the STC job to help the team. Popp says it was HIS CHOICE and his BABY !

Les unités spéciales ont causé la perte des Alouettes face aux Tiger-Cats et cette responsabilité revenait à Higgins avec l’aide de certains adjoints comme Jean-Vincent Posy-Audette. Selon Popp, Higgins voulait s’occuper de ce mandat quand il est devenu l’entraîneur, mais ce dernier a plutôt laissé croire qu’il a accepté cette mission un peu par dépit.

« C’était sa décision, il voulait s’en occuper. Ce sera à lui de déterminer comment il voudra bâtir la structure de son groupe d’entraîneurs. C’était son bébé », a pointé Popp.

Higgins = lying sack of crap

That goody-goody Ned Flanders act may fool some, but it doesn't fool me. He comes across like a gosh-darn nice guy, but in reality, he stabs people in the back and passes the buck whenever he can.

You and me both.

Thorpe prendra le poste de Higgins en 2016.

On connaît Popp depuis assez longtemps pour savoir qui dit vrai dans cette histoire. Indice supplémentaire : Rychleski a été congédié assez tôt après l'embauche de Higgins. Si Higgins ne voulait pas assumer ce rôle, il n'avait qu'à garder Rychleski. Il ne l'a pas fait.

Higgins relied heavily on Posy-Audette for special teams and he was obviously in over his head.

The problem with finding a new special teams coach is you need a hard nose guy, but not some one so hard nose as to raise his voice to Mr. Whyte. Or the poor little fellow will be walking around sucking his thumb.

I say if he wants to suck his thumb because of some tongue lashings every once in awhile, then let him go find a kicking job elsewhere. This not a daycare.

Maybe if Mr. Whyte could figure out on his own not to kick directly to a returner has burned you or actually make a hit if he is the last man back, then maybe raised voices are not necessary. :wink:

Come on now. Its not up to the punter to decide ST strategies.

Right on! His act is one of smoke and mirrors. He is a practised manipulator and liar. This is a guy who has made a career of covering up his ineptness by twisting facts, lying and throwing others under the bus; while putting on the "good and nice man" act to obscure the fact he is a ruthless manipulator, liar and two face.

Johnny, your calling Higgins " a manipulator and liar "is just another of your vulgar and very disrespectful remarks towards Coach Higgins. If anyone wishes to read more of Johnny's horrific and obscene remarks just read all his postings under the section "Higgins is Stupid". Johnny the one and only's trashing of Higgins represent some of the most disgusting language I've read in our Forum. Johnny, you do this Forum a disservice by the offensiveness of your language. You have been barred from this Forum once, its time to clean up your act !

[i]Hey Niagara, get the eff off of your Politically correct high horse. Maybe grow a pair while your at it. :roll:

Johnny didn't call Higgins those things because he was trying to be vulgar. He called him those things because Johnny (and a few others) can see through his act. If you can't, Johnny has a bridge to sell you… Johnny would also love to take you snipe hunting!

If you think Johnny's language is disgusting, you need to get out more. Horrific and obscene? Have you ever read the Journal de Montreal? Have you ever read a column or an editorial by a conservative right wing nut? Geez…

And Johnny has been banned 3 times, not once! Get your facts straight!!!! One of those bans was because Johnny called Bob Young a bad owner. The most recent one is because he called Slant "lame". The first time, Johnny got banned because he POSTED IN ALL CAPS. Not once has Johnny been banned for his language. About 12 board warnings for that, but who's counting? :cowboy: [/i]

Si dans un certain sens j'adhère à une bonne partie de vos propos, il demeure que nous vivons dans un pays de liberté d'expression. Ça peut parfois choquer, mais c'est mieux que de vivre dans un pays de censure ou de répression de l'expression.

Aussi, on peut apprécier ou ne pas apprécier le ton de Johnny, et on peut aussi lui dire comme vous le faites, mais je crois que nous devons aussi tolérer le fait qu'il s'exprime ainsi, tant qu'il ne viole pas les règles du forum. Chacun a son style, et il ne plaira pas nécessairement à tout le monde.

Bien dit LeStaf ! Et si jamais on veut pas voir les commentaires de quelqun un, il y a l option de metre comme "foe".

LeStaff , Tony: Your comments are accepted.Criticism is not a helpful virtue.

Fans of the team are going to have heated opinions. We all care about this franchise and its well-being. It's no different from any other sports team. Fair comments on matters of public record. As long as there is no hate speech (racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc.) or personal attacks on other members, I'm fine with whatever people say, even if I don't agree.

Johnny is a straight shooter, that's who he is. He is passionate about the team and he speaks his mind. Sure, he goes over the top in his language sometimes, but who cares? This isn't a finishing school or a kindergarten class.

Je n'irais pas jusque là. Exprimer des critiques perment à ceux à qui elles s'adressent de revenir sur leurs façons de faire et s'amender au besoin. Les critiques des autres sont parfois nécessaires pour qu'on ait le bon sens de pouvoir faire sa propre auto-critique.

Vous avez dit à Johnny que vous n'aimiez pas ce qu'il fait. Pas ce qu'il est. C'était la bonne façon de l'adresser.