Whos in the running for General Manager?

Clarify. .. is it who do I THINK will get the job or who do I WANT to get the job? The two may not necessarily be the same person. . .

You Want. But doesnt matter. Either or.

Then my vote is "Other". . . I think CFLvsNFL should get the gig. :lol: :lol:

Otherwise I'd say Ed Hervey.

Kavis Reed is head coach and I wouldn't want to kick him upstairs at this point, nor would I want him to handle 2 jobs.

:thup: Im up for that! lol. Want to know what my first 5 moves as GM would be? lol

Sure, go for it.

My first 5 moves as GM of the Edmonton Eskimos:

#1) Resign linebacker JC Sheritt.
#2) Resign defencive end Marcus Howard.
#3) Resign defencive back Weldon Brown.
#4) Release Quarterback Steven Jyles
#5) Trade/Sign Quarterback Adrian McPherson

My first move as GM would be to find a bonafide return specialist. The Eskimos lost the battle of field position all year. Then sign the rest.

:thup: That would be up there on my list too!

If Matt Dunigan is named GM of the Edmonton Eskimos, key word is "IF". The first move he makes will be for a QB. He likes Nichols, but wants better depth at QB. Top on Dunigan's list: QB Adrian McPherson.

If Matt Dunigan is named GM of the Edmonton Eskimos, key word is "IF". The first move he makes will be for a QB. He likes Nichols, but wants better depth at QB. Top on Dunigan's list: QB Adrian McPherson.

Latest news:

Both Kavis Reed & Ed Hervey have stepped up and put their names in for next Eskimos GM.

Paul Jones, will not apply for the open GM job.

I have no Idea why Reed would want to be a GM when he could barely handle the coaching duties, Let him coach and only coach for one more year and talk after that.
The Eskimos were called far to many times for time count and too many men penalties this year and I blame the coach for that and I think it's a direct result on wearing too many hats.

I agree 100%

First off, Kavis Reed did ALOT of GM duties last year. Tillman got him to do ALOT of work for him in Edmonton. Which was BS because Kavis shouldnt have had that added responsibility without being paid/given credit for specific moves. Kavis is a good guy and did it anyways. Eskimo fans need to stop hating Kavis and embrace the guy. He's all for edmonton 24/7. And honestly, he's the best head coach ANY edmonton pro sports team has had in the last 10 years! With that being said, Kavis deserves the GM job. But honestly, he wont get the job. Ed Hervey will. Reed should become an assistant GM & Head Coach.

As for you blaming Kavis Reed for too many men on the field or time counts... im sorry, you couldnt be more wrong. Time counts are ALL on Kerry Joseph (or the QB) + Marcus Crandell. Marcus Crandell is talking to the QB, giving him the play. Not Kavis. Its his play calling. Etc. But dont worry about all that. Crandell will be gone and LaPolice will be in. Too many men, thats all on the RB & LB coaches. Cory Boyd/Jerome Messam mix up was again all on the RB coach/Marcus Crandell. When Sheritt got hurt, Lawerence went in. When he came back, the LB coach made mistakes by sending them both out. Even the OL/DL coaches made mistakes with player switches. Thats what happens when you have 40+ injuries in a season. Its NOT on Kavis. Its IMPOSSIBLE to watch 42 men every second, for every down in such a fast pace sport. Thats why theres positional coaches. Players get tired, and need rest. Or injuried and need to be replaced etc. So stop blaming Kavis.

John Hugnagel is Head Coach and GM of Calgary. They are in the Grey Cup. If he can do it, why cant Kavis? But it doesnt matter. Ed Hervey gets the job. Reed gets the assistant GM job and keeps the head coaching job. Paul LaPolice replaces Marcus Crandell as offensive Cordinator.

Sorry but Kavis doesn't get a free pass. Blaming other people for all everything that went wrong in Edmonton this year can only go so far. Somewhere along the line somebody needs to step up and say "the buck stops here". What you are saying CFLvsNFL is that every assistant coach with the exception of Mark Nelson is incompetant and I don't buy it. If all of these guys are screwing up, why were they still employed at the end of the season.

Personnel issues fall to the GM, but the coach has to have had a huge say in who his assistants are so I disagree with putting all the blame on the assistants. The mix ups in personnel, the time count issues, the procedure penalties. Somebody needs to step up and accept the blame. I give Kavis credit for deflecting the blame onto himself all year, but part of being a leader is making the tough decisions and nobody in Edmonton was making those tough decisions.

Saying on one hand that Kavis had too much on his plate last year then suggesting we should give him the greater responsibilty of being GM ammounts to sucking and blowing at the same time.

I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I think Kavis Reed has the tools to be a great Head Coach, I don't think he can handle both jobs, regardless of whether John Huffnagel can.

You cant fire a OC/DC half way through the season. MAJOR MISTAKE. Specially with a team in a chase postion for the playoffs. Kavis Reed always took the blame. He never blamed anyone.

As for the coaches, they will be replaced. Nelson stays, Kavis stays. Crandell is going to be replaced by Paul LaPolice. Paul likely replaces all/or most of the O-Coaches. While all special teams guys are likely on the bubble.

Its Crandells offence. Nelsons defence. Not Kavis Reed. Failure lies with them not Kavis. Nelson is like the head coach of the D and Crandell of the O. While Kavis is the HC of the whole team. Kavis is still a young coach. He does make mistakes. He's only human. But Eric Tillman would fight with Kavis about playing certain players at certain times. Tillman has the final say as the bigger boss over Kavis. For example: Tillman made Kavis dress McKnight, Ittersagen & a few others (including the 3 headed RB Monster). Creating alot of problems for the O & D systems. Specially in player subsitutions.

*As for Kavis taking on more responsibility... He would be in charge. NOT Tillman making all the moves. Kavis would do alot better with him/Hervey making the calls then Tillman. Kavis would get to dress his players and make his player choices per game and not fight/get over powered by Tillman.

I will start by saying I am not a Kavis Reed fan but can you really say he takes no blame for the season. And I am not sure how Marcus Crandell takes all the blame for the offence being terrible when he went from a good offence last year to a bad one this year when the major change was losing Ricky Ray. I think Kavis tried to blame the issue on Marcus by demoting him instead of saying the reason our offence is not good because we lost Ricky Ray.

I'm not saying to get rid of Kavis after all that has come to light I understand how this season was a complete disaster, but to put that pressure back on Kavis to do both duties would be cruel. I think Huff was a coach for a few years before assuming the GM duties, he also had a good coaching staff to help out .
All I'm saying is to have Kavis prove himself as a head coach first. then after that add more to his plate. as far as assuring the right personnel is on the field that is the responsibilities of the other coaches yes but the head coach has to ensure that HIS coaches are prepared for the game and with all the calls this year I don't think they were.

The poor decisions with regard to the quarterbacks continued long after Reed had replaced Crandell in running the offense. You can't continue to beat up Crandell for decisions that were made after he was neutered. It wasn't Crandell in charge against Montreal when Joseph was 4 for 24 in passing and still in the game until the 4th quarter. I'm all for giving Reed another year at HC but he proved that it was too much to handle both HC and OC, why would you think he can handle HC and GM?