Whos in the running for General Manager?

Lets quickly talk about the GM job. With Eric Tillman gone, who could replace him?

Ive heard names such as:

Current Eskimos:

  • Kavis Reed
  • Ed Hervey
  • Paul Jones

Former Eskimos:

  • Warren Moon
  • Matt Dunigan

Other Names:

  • Dwayne Ford

none of the above. time for a fresh start.

They went for a fresh start with Maciocia then Tillman. It is time to go back with somebody who embelishes the Eskimo Tradition.

The current best option i see is hiring Kavis Reed. Then allowing Paul LaPolice to run the offence. If John Hufnegal is both HC and GM, why cant Kavis Reed? Plus i think Ed Hervey is a better scout, assistant GM then GM. But he's my second. I would love to see Dwayne Ford be brought it. The guy is the best at finding amazing canadian talent and thats a huge asset!

Jim Popp tried to be the HC and GM, look how that turned out. Just because one guy can do it, doesn't mean everyone can. Besides, judging from the articles, it sounds like part of this team's problem was Reed being the HC and GM.

Pretty sure what Oilerrocker means is someone who hasn't been floating around the league for years. Tillman's been the GM for four different teams now.

Precisely. For every Hufnagel and Buono who can do both jobs well, there have been others who cannot (Popp and Dunigan).

Who to choose? Well this article pumps for Ed Hervey:

[url=http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/football/edmonton-eskimos/MacKinnon+should+next+general+manager/7496982/story.html]http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/f ... story.html[/url]

And I tend to agree with the reasoning in that article. It's worth a read.

To be fair to Dunnigan, he was dropped in that situation with no experience on a team with totally dysfunctional ownership. If you’re going to go the HC/GM route, it needs to be a guy already experienced at one of the positions.

It sounds from the articles lately that Reed and Ed Hervey have already been doing most of Tillman’s job, so either of those guys could be a logical person if you bring in an assistant to help make sure there isn’t too much workload.

Alternately, someone from the front office of one of the successful franchises is an option too, as they’d know a fair bit about the job by working with a successful GM already.

After an extensive search, hire the best possible candidate, regardless of whether he’s known to the league or a newcomer or whatever. There is no magic formula for success, no matter how many times people invoke the ‘Eskimo Way,’ except for hiring a good football mind and then giving him a multi-year mandate to put his stamp on the franchise.

Agreed, he won't make that same mistake twice. You can not take anything out of the Calgary debacle.

I think Matthew will get very serious consideration.

In Matthew you mean Don Matthews, No way the guys a nut case and time has passed him by. I don't want to be disrespectful in anyway due to his recent condition but past experiences with him no way.

As of today, the person in the lead for the opening GM job is Ed Hervey.

We should just leave him to scouting he's doing a great job there.

I think he's ready to take another step forward and become GM. Look what he has done this season. Including signing reciever Shamawd Chambers (Tillman couldnt even sign him). I think its easier to hire Hervey as GM and go with Kavis Reed as an assistant GM. This way the goal and teams direction stays the same. Bringing in a guy like Dwayne Ford/Matt Dunigan etc.. may change the direction. And thats not what we want.


OK but Hervey Doesn't have any professional experience as a GM keep him in scouting and assistant GM hire someone that has done the job before or an experienced Assistant GM.

How do you get experience if you dont get a job as a GM? lol He has alot of experience, he's been more then just a scout the last four years including assistant GM. He knows what to do. Hiring someone from outside either Hervey/Reed would be a mistake imo. This team is set on track, bringing in someone with a different plan is way too risky.

I thought Paul Jones was assistant GM and Ed Hervey was Head scout ? I’m I wrong or has that changed recently. Like I said I’m not exposed to the local media. but I would agree to have Hervey as assistant GM but we need someone who has actually done the job.

Both Ed Hervey & Paul Jones are assistant GM’s with the Edmonton Eskimos. Hervey is also the Head of scouting.

Ed Hervey is the best option. Infront of Kavis Reed. Both guys would stick with the team thats set on the right track by Eric Tillman. The ONLY outsider i would consider brining in would be Jim Barker, but he is staying in Toronto.


I agree with Hervey as our GM and Kavis maybe helping as an assistant. If Hervey has half the GM talent as he did Football talent, we will have a gem in the making. Please tell me why you are concerned with "experience" at the GM position? If you've been around it like he has as an assitant, thats all he needs. To me the biggest obstacle to being a GM is having multiple outside relations with other clubs south of the border and within Canada. He has that. Drafting shouldnt be a problem with him either, nor should managing a salary cap... that would be the easiest as long as you can keep your core group of top players at a fair salary.

Being a GM is a continuous circle of repetition. If youre somewhat balanced in every regard it is very possible to be good at it.

(very simplified run-through of course)

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