Who's in the 100th Grey Cup

Toronto at Montreal

pick Montreal

Calgary at British Columbia

pick British Columbia

should be two good games but think the home teams will take it



Calgary vs. Montreal

Montreal - BC Grey Cup I think.

Argos and Lions!

gonna go out on a limb and give a 100% guarantee that it wont be any of bombers, tigers, esks, or riders.

in fact, I will give 1000 to 1 odds.

then again, I am not sure ANYBODY will EVER be IN the CUP any year.

Argos and Lions.

Argos vs Stamps

Montreal vs Stamps!

I just read on facebook, you can watch the Grey Cup game live from cineplex theatres for $5.
In wonder how many people will do that, instead of watching from home?
And, i wonder if the whole broadcast after the game will be included?

Stampeders and Montreal