Who's in next years Grey Cup?

What's your guess? I say Hamilton vs. BC for the 2010 grey cup.

Pfft/ Edmonton of course. Gotta defend home turf. :wink:


Tough to say, I think if most of the Al's remain and opt not to retire, a rematch of this years game. The Al's being in depends on Trestman returning though, if he doesn't return I predict the Cats in there.

BC, Hamilton. Book it.

I'm looking for a rematch. The West will be a dogfight for sure. Montreal to repeat in the East.

To be honest, I'm hoping the East is a little more competitive, because I'm getting tired of seeing Montreal in the Grey Cup every year.

^Check your PM

I'm not sick of seeing Montreal in the big game, I am sick of them not really facing much of a challenge in getting their though.

sask vs hamilton!

Given that the odds are so against it ill say Winnipeg vs Toronto :lol:

hamilton vs calgary.

Thats what I was thinking,the Beasts from the East Bombers vs the Best in the West Argo's. :lol:

if anyone watched yesterday's game..

they'd clearly see that it's going to be Saskatchewan.

they're great. they have a lot of talent and they are going to make some big moves in 2010!

don't be surprised to see them at 13-5 or something like that!

the Als won because of a stupid team error.. we lost it, the Als didn't win it.

I watched yesterdays game and I completely disagree with your statement. I've said this in another post but I just can't let this comment go without a reply. The Riders were up by 16 points with 10 minutes to go, they couldn't stop the Als because they are good. The Riders had they ball and couldn't get 1st downs to run the clock out. The Als won this game.

That being said, the Riders are going to be good next year and I think we'll be back.

Hamilton vs Saskatchewan

Hamilton has a good chance of making it next year methinks. On the offensive side, Bellefeuille is not going to experiment with Quinton Porter as much as he did this season and is going to start Kevin Glenn this year and let Porter play only when Glenn has secured the lead or during the pre-season, and that will be huge, especially if you have a healthy Prechae Rodriguez Arland Bruce, Dave Stala and Marquay McDaniel to make a vicious receiving core. The defense has also been one of the best in the CFL as well with Jamall Johnson, Markieth Knowlton and Otis Floyd being the holy trinity of Linebackers. The only tweaks will be on the lines and in special teams.

Calvillo will retire, or start to show he age (hopefully) as will Calhoon and Chiu, having nothing left to prove. The Argos are a train wreck right now and will be rebuilding, and Winnipeg is likely to continue their coaching woes.

On the west end, Saskatchewan is simply going to be too hungry to stop. They will be out to prove that they deserved the cup this year. Durant has shown he deserves the position and has Bagg, Armstead, Getlaf and Fantuz backing him. Stevie Baggs will continue to turn Quarterbacks into a fine mist, and a solid group of defensive Backs. Look for possibly a new running back and some work on the Offensive Line and kick return team.

I foresee the west being pretty much the same as this year, very competitive with Calgary and Sask leading the pack and Edmonton and BC fighting to see who crosses over.

I believe that it is time for an Estern team to cross over into the West...So naturally it will be a Bombers/Argos Grey Cup

I don't see anyone challenging the Als in the East next year. Hamilton will be competitive but Winnipeg and Toronto are a mess. In the West, Riders and BC will fight it out but I see the Riders coming out on top.

Saskatchewan and Montreal in a rematch for the cup!

Have to take the Als again if Calvillo comes back and the Stamps, I think they got cocky this year and it cost them but next year they'll be back on track again.

Winnipeg - 27 BC - 21 The drought ends next November (I figure that 20 years is long enough).