Who's in charge?

Who is suppose to be in charge of player discipline? Penlaties will happen. It's the nature of the game. The stuff going on today was unacceptable. Not only did it kill drives but it made the whole team look unprofessional.

I don't think it made the team look unprofessional. There were way too many penalties and discipline in something that should have been worked on in training camp.

Today? That stuff has been going on for the last 5 years, the only way to stop it is if the organization steps in and starts fining players for that type of junk.

i agree, but sometimes ref's have it out for the cats. b/c of the past 5 years.

i agree, but sometimes ref's have it out for the cats. b/c of the past 5 years.

Maybe the refs are a little biased, but the penalties we got we deserved, and the refs did miss a low blow, but that was according to England.

true, and you can't trust those argos!

I don’t buy that at all. Seems like every time we lose someone on this site at least partially blames it on the officiating.

I didn’t see most of the penalties, but I sure didn’t hear any of the players or coaches arguing with the officials about them. Apparently they were all well deserved.

I saw Marshall argue an Illegal Procedure penalty for "no end". Instead of CBC focusing on Marshall, and us trying to read his lips, they should have shown the actual formation, in replay, to either confirm or deny to veracity of the penalty. Our tax dollars (CBC) at work once again...

Certainly some of the penalties were obvious and well deserved but the Cats have been on the bad side of many calls (and none calls) for a few years.

Remember the game vs Argos (in TO) last year with the 2 or 3 special teams TDs? Video replay showed numerous, (what should have been) obvious Argo penalties (clips, holds) that were not called that made Marshall go ballistic.

Game in Hamilton when Argo returner ran up south sidelines (In front of us in Box C) for TD. Obvious clips and holds along route yet no penalties = Argo TD.

It's been suggested that a penalty could be called on every play but we all know what happens when it seems the refs are too much into the game. Flags everywhere and fan disgruntlement.

I just can't see one team getting twice the penalties for "technical" fouls than another. Discipline calls (roughing, objectionable conduct, etc) are well deserved and may be unbalanced but others (holding, off side, clips, etc) would probably be fairly even.

I noticed a few questionable Argo hits that should have been called that were not (O'Shea came in late, an Argo tackler (#30?) with a forearm shot to the head (Maas QB draw?), helmet-to-helmet hits (supposedly illegal)... none called.

But, my biggest complaint was the Argo-homer attitude of the CBC announcer (don't know who it was and IMO, Walby wasn't as biased).

There were numerous times when the announcer opined that Cats got away with one or Argos were hard done by (interference call). Don't recall any comments going in Cats favour.


Penalties result from either lack of discipline or attempts to cover up the fact that the opponent has better players (i.e. o-line has to hold, defensive backs clutch). We had a healthy does of both kinds of penalties. I had no problem with the officiating. It was fair. Like it or not, to this point the "Marshall era" has been defined by an absence of discipline and lots of dumb penalties. Puffing up and yelling at officials or players isn't getting it done. This is the one thing (if Greg doesn't get it sorted out), that could result in the coach's early departure from Hamilton.

Good post I could not have said it better :thup: :thup:

The CBC play by play guy was brutal to say the least!!!!Lots of errors!

Walby was neutral and is becoming a good commentator.

i STILL say that walby gets paid every time he says the name "rickie williams"

I always find it tough to be un-biased when it comes to penalties. It seems you always notice the ones against your team and the ones by the other team that are missed.

That said there were a few Argo penalties that were missed that bothered me. One was a blatant clip on the Levingston return just before the half. That one cost us points. The other was a blatant helmet to helmet on Corey Holmes. That is an illegal use of the helmet and should be called to protect the players (really on both sides of the hit).