Who's in both CFL & NFL Hall of Fame?

I see Warren Moon is getting inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. I was wondering if there's anyone who are in both the CFL & NFL Hall of Fames? Anyone know?
I just read that Moon will be the first player in both Halls.
Marv Levy? Bud Grant?
(joke answers are encouraged...)

Just to set the record straight…there is no CFL or NFL Hall of Fame.

There is a Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio!

There is the Canadian Football Hall of Fame

There is also an AFL (American Football League Hall of Fame) It runs the span from 1960 till the AFL and NFL merged!Really just a website…but worth a read…


I know what you are getting at…but to be honest, and here is where the confusion is…there is no NFL or CFL Hall of Fame!

Warren Moon is the only one enshrined in both Halls of Fame. I guess you have to play so long in one or the other league to be selected that you really never go to the other. Warren excepted. The only other one that would have been close would probably be Joe Kapp. Great career here and pretty good go round in the NFL, but not long enough to get the stats necessary I guess.

The problem is that the Pro Football Hall of Fame has only ever let players from the NFL in. Never once has a CFL pro been enshrined there. They may as well call in the NFL hall of fame.

Dexter Manley?

Bud Grant?

John Candy?

Jimi Hendrix?

Doug Flutie was about one weird special teams play away....

Cookie Gilchrist was named to the All-time AFL All-Star Team and is the only player to ever refuse enshrinement into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cookie_Gilchrist

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