Who's hurt most by the opt-outs?

The CFL published a final list of players opting outs of their 2020 contracts this morning. Their list of 100 included eight duplicate entries. The actual number of opt-outs is 92.

Here's how the opt-outs are distributed. If they had been evenly spread there would have been 10 or 11 per team. Hamilton is just above the expected with 14. The real outliers are MTL at the low end (2), and Sask at the high end (20). Sask obviously took the biggest hit in terms of numbers, and maybe in terms of talent as well (Shepley, Judge, Ryan). That's an arguable point. Feel free to do so :slight_smile: .


Here's opt-outs by position. 51 are defensive players, 35 are offensive, and 6 are kickers.


2020 contracts are irrelevant. All players on a 2020 contract would be a free agent in Feb anyway. Would be interesting to know how many of those opted out of a 2021 contract..

...and how many are veterans and rookies.