Who's heading to BMO tomorrow night?

Ol Garney is going to a corporate box with Argo fans!


Give ‘em hell Garney!

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All 10 could probably fit in a corporate box…



Make sure that you drop them all overboard one at a time head first .

I will be there. Can’t decide whether to drive or take the train?

Hey Grumps, I Highly recommend hassle free GO train (if you’re looking for advice of course). Also, you’ll see other Cat fans on the train.

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Years ago, my friend invited to me a Cubs game.
“I have a parish council meeting that night,” I said.
“What if I told you it’s a corporate suite?” He replied.
“I’d say: father will understand.”


I am all for the train but some of the other guys think it will get us back to late. Still up in the air.

Take the train . It drops you off right outside of the stadium at the Princess Gates . A lot less of a hassle than driving believe me . Whichever way you choose though hopefully you come home as HappyGord after the game . :smile_cat: :ticats:


Looks like it’s driving, I am overruled 3-1🙁

If they win it won’t matter, I will be happy. Well, for a tittle while.

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train is $10 return on the weekend.

GO Weekends & Holidays
$10 One-Day PassValid for 1 passenger. Valid for travel on Saturday, Sunday or holiday.
Valid for 1 passenger. Valid for travel on Saturday, Sunday or holiday.

You bringing the horn to the box?

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No musical instruments allowed at BMO

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