who's head is next on the chopping block?!Bring in Printers?

First of all I have to say 2nites game was brutal, it is unacceptable to score TWO points in 8 quarters of football especially at home, hell Italy scored more goals in the world cup agauinst germany than we scored in 2 games thats terrible! They say a great defence is a good ofence, well our defence is good but not great, cuz our offence sucks! Get rid of PaoPao, bring in Mr Austin, and if that doesnt shake it up im sorry but get rid of MR Maas and i believe theres a young former MVP Free Agent named Casey Printers!!! I'm sorry but that's my thought its either the QB or the offensive Coordinator, what else can I say NO LEADERSHIP and NO PASSION! I swear the 2003 team was more exciting to watch in our 1-17 yr cuz at least danny mac threw touchdowns and we were sumwhat respectable cuz we knew they gave heart everygame, this years team is a disgrace and needs 2 b picked apart and fixed quickly while we sitll have a chance at the post season

So sorry, Casey Printers, if he walks away from the NFL is under contract to the BC Lions until th end of the year.


Its not that easy.

Call the proper plays, and get rid of receivers that cut the routes short and don't hold onto the ball, or go for it...

That would do far more than bringing in another almost successful QB with a lineup of the "usual suspects", and our obvious game plan....

I think he's a free-agent.

Its the CFL who cares !!! Printers will be a free agent because he was in the CFL and no NFL team wants him. You know like Ricky Ray!

8) ....and Doug Flutie too !!!! :wink: :lol:

At least Coach Greg Marshall had the sense to go back to the level of play where he can be competitive, Canadian University ball. When is the rest of this team going to go back to a junior league where they also can compete? Hamilton scores two points in the last two home games and its the Argos that fire their Offensive Co-ordinator? Too bad it had not been the TiCats that folded rather than the 'Gades. It is simply too painful to watch this train wreck year after year, after year.

Printers is property of the BC lions...go watch bobby ackles interview with brian williams on tsn.ca...he says so himself, that any team who talks with printers is tampering, as williams accuses toronto of doing.

if printers stays in the NFL for a full season, THEN he's a free agent....like ricky ray was when he was with the ny jets for the entire 2004 cfl season.

Pao Pao better be gone this week. i can't stand this turtle offence anymore