Who's Got My Back

What a great video :thup: :thup:


The next time some ungrateful sort decides to razz the management and team...please direct them to this.

Ask them if they thought, for one minute in 2003, we would see something like this.

The future looks the brightest it's been in years. :rockin:

You got that right ! It really is unbelievable ! The Ticats and the CFL have never been stronger ! People forget quickly ! Thx BOB :thup:

Great video, absolutely made my day. makes me realllly look forward the the coming season. Thanks for putting it up.

Yes that was a great video!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

It shows all that was accomplished under less than ideal circumstances last season simply because the team/coaches/management didn't let circumstances become an issue. :smiley:

This team is continuing to improve in the offseason with less upheaval than in the past two - three years so it will be exciting to watch. I'd love to see them knock the Riders out of their park in the opener! :rockin:

Excellent video - really well done! Less than 4 months to go until the season starts. Maybe by then the weather will warm up a little bit. I just got in from a beautiful illumination of Sherman Falls and I think it was as cold feeling as what they showed in that video of the Ti-Cats Regina practice. lol

(This winter has been friggin ridiculous. Good for my business as a travel agent - but I'm so over it and I want football season (and warmer weather) to get here fast!)

Nice video, though sad to see some of the players no longer on the team. Thanks to them for last season. Now let's move on and get that cup!

Great video, lots of Tiger-Town Pride in the Team, Fans and City as we look forward to a new beginning at Tim Hortons Field in 2014 and beyond!!


As long as this winter from hell ever ends, which I'm not sure it will abeit the sun doesn't lie, temperatures do but not the sun, thank goodness. :roll: