Who's Got My Back, Is Back!!

The New Who's Got my Back Video for 2014 on the Big Screen at Tim Horton's Field before every home game.


Good Video and Time to turn the Season Around Tiger-Cats, get some wins and make a run for the 2014 playoffs!!

Let's Eat The Al's Raw Tiger-Cats!!

I still love the video from, I think it was 2008. Thunder and hammering steel sound effects punctuating this music:


I have to commend the video editors of these videos. They are always top tier.

The "Batman video" from 2009


The 2013 pre-season


and the 2013 season video, still brings a tear to my eye.


Great vids,

This is still my favorite ticats song though. Gives me goose bumps everytime. Love the line "Blown out like Pink Floyd back in 75". It would be awesome if the Arkells could sing this song at THF at the start of a playoff game someday.


Hey Tiger-Cats what happened yesterday you were supposed play by the video script, the fans had the hype built up before the game, you played a great first half and left after that.

What I want to know is Who Has the Fans Back??????