Who's got balls?

Charles Roberts?... Not anymore!
Kevin Eiben took care of him yesterday! :lol:



Sometimes I wonder where you guys come up with some of this stuff??And sometimes I dont want to know why you have so much time to find stuff like this (no offence intended third)

Balls?? I dunno...liver, on the other hand, gonzo. I know I was sitting in a blue seat...the rest is a fog....

that looks like a pretty testy situation for BLINK.....and I bet he did after that grab.....

Oh Nuts! I'm hands off this one guys and gals!

......does the CFL record this as a sack?.......


that must really hurt. i wonder if he was able to keep running after that

I knew Eiben was a homosexual. Thats why he leads the league in tackles because he just loves huggin the boys.