Who's going to watch the SuperBowl XL ?

So who's going to watch the SuperBowl XL ? I will for sure. I never miss one. Some girlfriend of my wife are suppose to come home for it... :twisted: Its going to be ugly !

Steelers by 3

STAND UP FOR CANADA....turn it off, and watch the highlights.

send a message to Paul Godfrey, that the NFL isnt wanted here.

high superbowl ratings in canada, is pouring gas on the fire.

I'll be watching for sure, haven't missed an NFL playoff game yet this year. Hopefully it'll be a good game.

I almost always watch Superbowl, even though I don't follow the NFL.....chances are I'll be watching it.

drumming_god that is just ignorant. I love canada, but I hate to see my people acting so inferior. Embrace a good thing if you want, but don't dirty its image by bringing an ignorant political view to it.

I'll watch it...staying awake may be a problem. I've yet to fall asleep during a CFL game, but 3 times over the last 10 years I've nodded off during Super Bowl....(Okay...maybe the beers were a factor...but I drink em at Grey Cup Too!)

......I'll be watching it.....

Argos_bills...just cuz u dont agree with my opinion, doesnt make me ignorant....i just dont agree with u.

I might watch, if theres nothing else on. Its not one of my priorities though.

i watch all of them i want steelers to win cuz they beat my favorite team the BENGALS

I think its dumb that you made that comment too. It is not standing up for Canada to not watch the super bowl. Its just missing a football game. Canada doesn't factor into it, even though the seatle long snapper is canadian.

Regardless of which game rules you prefer - CFL or NFL ... How could anyone consider themselves a football fan, and miss the SuperBowl??

Do you watch football for the rules ?? or the players and the plays within that game ?? 'Cuz the attraction to football for me is the hard hits, the fingertip grabs, the dirt in the trenches, the seemingly impossible escape, the perfect read, the tight spirals, the defensive intimidation, the coaching stratagies, the brilliant finness runs, the tip-toeing on the sidelines, the smashmouth 1yard run, and the incredible passion that drips from every guy that just spent the last 10 months hoping and preparing for this one game ... THATS what I love ...

What kind of @ssclown "football fan" hates 4th down so much that he'd ignore the pinnacle of professional football ? Thats just retarded.

For all the differences that exist in the CFL / NFL ... There are FAR more similarities between the two leagues / game ... anyone that is boycotting the NFL Championship based on the fact that its not the CFL - either doesn't appreciate football for what it is ... or is too stubborn / ignorent to recognize it. Its just a different league. When it comes down to it ... Football skills are football skills - regardless of what league you are watching.


I do agree with you Statik but for me the bottom line is I dont care who wins.
I will watch some of it but not care about the outcome makes it hard to stay interested. At least with the CFL most of us have a love-hate relationship with the team and care about the winner!

i dont want to watch, because i dont want the canadian ratings to come even close to the grey cup....so the godfreys of the world dont get any ideas about moving a team here.

and cuz i dont care which american team wins.

I don't care which team wins either, But I haven't cared who won in the last 5 grey cups either, so in my mind that ain't an excuse.

I agree with Statik, good football is good football regardless of the rules.

I am with you all the way DG. I have absolutely NO interest in the Super Bore. Period, end of story. And this does not make us ignorant, only smart enough to know better.

exactly...don't whine about not wanting the NFL in canada, then watch 'the bore.'...thats hypocritical.

if u watch, and always watch the NFL, and like both, then thats good for u.

but i hate all the people who bash the NFL, then watch the bore....i bash, so i wont watch....atleast i stick to my word.

how many people here bash the NFL, then watch the bore?.. talk the talk and walk the walk.

if NO canadians ( or a dismal amount ) watched the superBore, then the media would have to stop pumping the NFL down our throats and FULLY recognize the CFL...CFL would then get WAY MORE TV DOLLARS.

Like you, I am not a hypocrit. I chose not to watch the NFL period. There is absolutely no interest for me in this boring sport. That's why it is called the No Fun League.

why a bore, because the NFL doesn't score enough points? Funny.....Sometimes good solid defense and a 17-14 game is good stuff, too.

...I suppose most here feel like the NHL was better before the rule changes this year, too?